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Effing Cold = Little To No Housework Done

Why do I say that?  Because I’ve found it to be painfully true.  As I write this it’s cold in here.  Sitting here in my living room I can see my breath.  Why?  Because it’s only 40 degrees in here that’s why. For the “wise ones” that suggest turning the furnace on, I can’t do […]

Rumor Abounds

Rumors can be strange things sometimes and there seems to be plenty of them in the case of Bob’s recent disappearance.  First there was a rumor that he was looking for some technology or IT type job in spite of the fact that I know he’s just not qualified for something like that and probably […]

Project Fail (so far)

Remember that I’ve several times now mentioned that I was going to try to come up with funny and / or catchy slogans that I could put on t-shirts to sell on Well so far it’s a complete total bust. While I have come up with a few, after I filter out the ones […]

Score One For Mr. Helpful

The great contest of wills between Mr. Helpful and the would-be Mrs Helpful is still going on.  She is continuing to come up with plan after plan to get him to give in and marry her and he is continuing to be dead set on remaining single. His latest efforts involve simply arranging to be […]

Been Wanting To See The “Raw” me?  Here It Is

It’s no secret that one of the things that I haven’t made a real big habit of is writing about myself and my life (sans the stuff that involves Nutjob Hills). In fact more and more frequently both in comments on my youtube videos and in PM’s in various places I have been encouraged by […]