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Lastdays Watch 36 mirrored in freenet

I posted the 36th edition of Lastdays
earlier, and now the insert is complete for the in-freenet
mirror. The freenet url is:,ckqhs1YME2xL0Ub3XcWpnA/watch/4//

in order for the freenet link to work you must be running freenet 0.5,
which you can get at http://freenetproject.org/download-old.html

Don’t let the "old" part of that url worry you. Freenet developers are
working on a new version of freenet, 0.7 which is not compatible with
0.5 and is still very much in testing and serious development. Version
0.5 is still in use by a lots of people and will continue to be for a
long time to come.

NBC Debating Madonna Crucifix Scene

Every so often, Madonna manages to pull something that gets a lot of
free press and manages to get a bunch of people upset, usually with good
reason and this is no exception.

Debating Madonna Crucifix Scene

Sep 21, 5:36 PM (ET) By

NEW YORK (AP) – With Madonna urging people to see her show before
criticizing her for mounting a Crucifix during one song, NBC is still
wrangling over whether millions of television viewers will get that

The network plans to air a Madonna concert special culled from her
current "Confessions" tour during the November ratings sweeps period,
which is used to set advertising rates.

During her performance of the song "Live to Tell," Madonna is shown
on a mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns. That angered some
religious leaders, particularly before her concert in Rome, and they
labeled it a bad-taste publicity stunt.

The singer says that people are misinterpreting her act and that she’s
being given a raw deal by people who do not or will not see her message
for what she says it is….

"This is not a mocking of the church," she said. "It is no
different than a person wearing a cross or ‘taking up the cross’ as it
says in the Bible. My performance is neither anti-Christian,
sacrilegious or blasphemous. Rather, it is my plea to the audience to
encourage mankind to help one another and to see the world as a
unified whole. I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive today he
would be doing the same thing."

Well, I hate to bust your bubble lady, but I’ve got some news for you.

First off, Jesus *IS* alive today. I guess you missed that part where he
was raised from the dead? And before you go trying to make the argument
that He’s not on the earth today, Think again. He is not only alive
bodily in the presence of God, but He also lives within all of us who
have accepted Him as our Lord….Regardless of where we are, He is with

Second, I doubt that He’s interested in anything quite like your act.
Portrayals of the crucifiction are something that need to be handled
carefully and with more than just a touch of reverence. After all, we’re
not talking about just any old body that died on a cross, This is the
Son of The Living God in the act of making the ultimate sacrifice for a
world full of people that didn’t deserve it.

Because none of us deserve it, this makes His sacrifice the single most
valuable, special act possible. As such it must always be treated with
the utmost respect. Something that I doubt your act portrays, regardless
of your intent.

Navy Continues Information Security Training

The first thing that comes to mind is "A Day late and a Dollar short"

Continues Information Security Training

Following a
series of highly publicized incidents in which government agencies and
businesses experienced the loss or compromise of personal information on
their computer systems, the Navy stepped up its training on how to
properly handle and safeguard that information.

Source – Navy.mil

Anothe thing I wasn’t going to do…

…is watch anything about 9-11.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s got nothing to do with disrespecting the
sacrifice and loss of that day.  Nor of anything like being

The simple reason is that it’s hard to watch.  I remember five years ago
watching it live with my wife.  We heard about it minutes after the
first plane hit and had the tv on in time for the second plane.

We saw the flames and smoke as both towers burned.

We saw desperate people trying for a helicopter-aided escape from the
rooftops, though it just wasn’t possible, the only thing that would have
happened is the helicopter would have crashed.

We watched as people fell eighty plus stories to their deaths.

Worst of all, we watched as first one, then the other tower fell.

Every year since then, the stories are told again, and the video is
played again.  Just today I think we saw the second plane hit and both
towers fall five times or more.

We will never forget 9-11-01…. And I don’t need a video to remind me

Without any doubt, I can firmly say that we are living in the last days,
if you doubt me, watch those tapes a few more times.

More fuel effeciency claims

Somehow I can’t help thinking that this one is going to end up in the same department as the "instant gasoline pellets", "cold fusion" and perpetual motion machines of days gone by.

Why?  Because it sounds too much like you’re getting something for nothing and in the real-life physical world we live in, that just doesn’t happen.

Magnet Helps Engines Burn Clean

A new engine accessory using a magnet claims to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency by burning gasoline more efficiently. Save the World Air will introduce the ECOChargR next month, which the company claims uses a magnet to change the molecules of gasoline before they enter the engine to lower the production of emissions by up to 85 percent and increase fuel efficiency. Since lowering viscosity has been proven to increase fuel efficiency, there may be something to this.

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