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One Goal Achieved!

Last week I achieved one of my goals and only now have had time to post about it.  Back on March 17, 2009 I created what has since become my main youtube channel TinFoilChefDotCom. At the start I was just doing cooking videos and not posting them very often at that.  Then in November of […]

News That’s Fit To Fart

“Brown Hurricanes”, news and fantastic flatualation.  All in one place. [tags]news, fart, farts, hurricane, explosion, fart contest, farting[/tags]

Judge OK’s Virginia’s Challenge of Obama Health Care Law

I just saw some good news for a change.  US District Judge Henry Hudson has rejected the federal government’s motion to dismiss Virginia’s suit that questions the constitutionality of Obama’s health care law. I realize that this is only a very first step and that the case has a LONG way to go yet but […]

Arrested for Being Christian Preachers at Dearborn Arab Festival 2010

Don’t think Christians in this country are persecuted for their beliefs?  Think again. Four Christian missionaries were arrested at the annual Arab International Festival on June 18, 2010.  The question is: Why? They couldn’t have been arrested for causing a disturbance, because they did not approach anyone, in fact, everyone they spoke with approached them […]

Obama Offended by US Flag?

There’s one of those all too common forwarded forwarded emails going around.  The big thing that makes this one different is that what it’s talking about is TRUE! The email tells that Obama has ordered that the US flag is NOT to be flown at the US Army’s base of operations in Haiti where relief […]