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GPS To Become More Problem Than Benefit

I’ve always thought that GPS systems in vehicles was a very two sided thing.  On the one hand you have the convenience of having reliable navigational aids available on demand.  There’s no need for futzing around with often difficult to manage paper maps, they can locate your position to within a very close margin of […]

The Growing British Police State

I think it’s pretty much recognized by a lot of people that over the last several years Britain has been becoming more and more of a police state.  From closed circuit tv cameras all over the place not only in the cities but also watching the highways to passing laws that allow them to demand your encryption keys and passwords anytime they *think* they might have a cause (and throwing you in jail for two years if you don’t snap to and hand ’em over).

Privacy At Risk Under Obama?

On Jan 14, Eric Holder, the new attorney general, testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Holder said the Obama administration is going to defend the 2008 amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that immunizes telecommunications companies from lawsuits over their involvement in the Bush administration’s illegal surveillance of the telephone and Internet communications of ordinary Americans.

Warrantless Wiretaps By NSA Targeted Non-Terrorists, Journalists

If anybody ever had any doubt that the NSA, under orders from President Bush, were engaged in a massive illegal warrantless wiretapping scheme they can put those doubts to rest.

The Secret Room

EFF Desinger Hugh D’Andrade was recently asked to create mural-sized political cartoon at a show of experimental drawings and cartoons at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco.