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Salesman Lost

I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating.  Salespeople get kinda crazy when they find themselves in Nutjob Hills. For one thing, they suddenly develop an irresistible urge to ply their trade door to door at four AM.  time when decent normal(ish) people are usually trying to sleep. They also tend to forget that they’re […]

Check With Someone Who Knows

So Ralph has decided that he’s going to learn guitar.  That’s all well and good but there’s the problem of getting a good one to learn on.  He doesn’t know the first thing about buying musical instruments of any flavor.  He asked me but I probably know less about such things than Ralph does. The […]

Holes In Rumors

The thing about rumormongers is that they pay very little, if any, attention to details that leave holes in their claims large enough to fly a starship through. A excellent example is the many rumors that have claimed Bob was marrying this or that celebrity.  They completely ignore the fact that anyone who knows him […]

Dance Master Bob

These “Bob rumors” are strangely persistent.  In spite of the fact that we all know that none of them are possible. Yet here we have another rumormonger trying to sell the idea that Bob has become a “dance master” and has gone into business as a master of dance instructors world wide.  One recent glaringly […]

Odd Shopping List

There’s a lot you could say about Harry.  All of it true and most of it frankly confusing.  “Harry is as Harry does” folks around here say.  I’ve lived here going on twenty years now and I still don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean. Then again, understanding Harry or things about Harry isn’t something […]