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Clueless Rumormongers

Well I suppose that all rumormongers are clueless however the bunch that are spreading “Bob rumors” are particularly special cases. For example there’s a new one that’s cropped up lately that claims that Bob has proposed marriage to each and every one of the female cast of “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild” and that […]

Ambition Taken Advantage Of

We may never actually know the full reason behind the insane quest of yoga guy and his insane need to have hideous loud “music” playing at four A.M. while he does his yoga moves in his front yard (yeah, even in freezing weather). What is known however is that he’s ruining the musical futures of […]

Ugly Rumor

I was at the Nutjob Hills Diner having coffee this morning when I heard what has to be one of the ugliest rumors I’ve run into in a long time. Apparently, given his recent success in tricking people into buying musical instruments at a discount if they’ll perform in his “concerts”, yoga guy is now […]

Beware Of Salesmen

That bit of sage advice goes double if you live in the financial district of Nutjob Hills OR in any area that the assorted mad geniuses have targeted for one of their door to door sales campaigns. Yep, that’s right, Nutjob Hills still has door to door salesmen.  In fact I think there are more […]

Odd Solution

Every once in a while I get a not so subtle reminder that I am living in a town of complete and total nutjobs, that there is good reason for me calling this place “Nutjob Hills”. One such reminder came with the recent ice storm.  One of the many local would be business giants decided […]