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A Good Bad Example

In my previous post I mentioned the most annoying “Mr. Helpful” and how I really hoped that he wouldn’t see that post.  Fortunately he’s not the blog reading type.  He spends most of his online time researching “cures” for this or that problem that people around him have. For example, one time he approached me […]

Neighbors Can Be Really Strange Sometimes

My neighbor’s at it again.  You know, the one with the loud stereo, louder car Etc.?  As if being loud and punishing to the ears, I’m here to tell you that there’s such a thing as being too loud on the eyes as well.  How’s that?  You ask?  Easy, just picture a car that’s been modified and hopped up so much that it barely resembles the machine that originally rolled off of the assembly line.

Dude, I’m Sick Of Hearing About Your Hopped Up Noisy Car

You’d think that living out here in Rural America the way I do that things like noisy neighbors with loud people, louder music and still louder cars wouldn’t be an issue wouldn’t you?  Unfortunately, living out here in the sticks doesn’t mean you won’t have any neighbors close by.  That privilege is reserved for people with large plots of land and the sense to put their home someplace in the middle of it.