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Money Makes Noise

What with yoga guy’s latest “concert” coming up soon my hopes raised significantly when I heard that he’d had some kind of electrical problem that effectively destroyed all of the microphones at his front yard “performance site”. These hopes however were short lived.  I saw him in the Nutjob Hills Diner today.  He had a […]

Out Voted

I can’t believe this.  It was ready.  All she needed was another few seconds of delay to get the X=202 working. Such time was not forthcoming.  Instead of doign required preflight, the tech spent his final hours while browsing shakerine at music123. Now the Goa’Uld will be here any day

A Hammer By Any Other Name

Y’know, one of these days somebody is finally going to put a stop to yoga guy’s incessant noise creating machniations.  Sadly this is not that day. His latest variation is a collection of drum and bell type instruments.  Apparently he’s trying to add something of a beat and / or ring to his “music”.  Personally […]

Scare Tactic

There’s this new guy in town and everybody is hoping that he’s just here for a vacation and leaves soon. Y’see, this guy is really big on control.  Everything has to be his way or the highway and he’s the first person to tell you that right to your face regardless of who you are. […]

Design Confusion

I don’t have any idea why I did it.  I mean, I know better, it’s always a mistake.  Yet in spite of that I did it.  I think it was the curiosity factor. What am I talking about that I regret doing so much?  I asked a question.  One simple question that ought to have […]