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Money Makes Noise

What with yoga guy’s latest “concert” coming up soon my hopes raised significantly when I heard that he’d had some kind of electrical problem that effectively destroyed all of the microphones at his front yard “performance site”.

These hopes however were short lived.  I saw him in the Nutjob Hills Diner today.  He had a laptop on the table in front of him using the free wifi. Not only did he quickly find a new shure microphone wireless at Musicians Friend but he went so far as to buy no less than a hundred of them.

Y’know I can’t help wondering where his money comes from or even roughly how much of it he’s got.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s spent well over five million on various music instruments and music related electronics in just the last year or so.

Out Voted

I can’t believe this.  It was ready.  All she needed was another few seconds of delay to get the X=202 working.

Such time was not forthcoming.  Instead of doign required preflight, the tech spent his final hours while browsing shakerine at music123.

Now the Goa’Uld will be here any day

A Hammer By Any Other Name

Y’know, one of these days somebody is finally going to put a stop to yoga guy’s incessant noise creating machniations.  Sadly this is not that day.

His latest variation is a collection of drum and bell type instruments.  Apparently he’s trying to add something of a beat and / or ring to his “music”.  Personally I think he’s simply trying to deafen everyone.

He was overheard talking at the Nutjob Hills Diner recently about how he recently aquired a truckload of, and I quote “exciting innovative percussion mallets”.  Exactly how a percussion mallet (basically a hammer you beat various drums and bells with to make “music”) could possibly be exciting.  Of course I’m not exactly a big time music guy either.  This is especially true since yoga guy moved in next door.

I can however easily imagine a use for those mallets that would indeed be music to my ears.

Unfortunately that would make a really disgusting mess and involve a mountain of paperwork.  Neither of which I want to deal with.

Scare Tactic

There’s this new guy in town and everybody is hoping that he’s just here for a vacation and leaves soon.

Y’see, this guy is really big on control.  Everything has to be his way or the highway and he’s the first person to tell you that right to your face regardless of who you are.

He’s also big on using things that he thinks will scare people into obeying him faster.  Problem is that he’s usually a bit off on that.  His choice of scare tactic isn’t scaring anyong.  Mostly he’s becoming a bigger and bigger pain in the butt with each passing day.

For example two days ago he walks into the Nutjob Hills Diner and yells “abogado de inmigracion” as if that was supposed to frighten the waitress into getting him coffee faster.

Mostly what it does is annoy everyone around.  Around here we like to take it easy and slow in the mornings and actuall savor that 1st cup.  Preferably without some nimrod walking in and yelling something in spanish about immigration when nobody in the entire city of Nutjob Hills is anything other than homegrown natural born American citizens.

Design Confusion

I don’t have any idea why I did it.  I mean, I know better, it’s always a mistake.  Yet in spite of that I did it.  I think it was the curiosity factor.

What am I talking about that I regret doing so much?  I asked a question.  One simple question that ought to have been answered in no more than a minute or two.

Thirteen hours later I finally managed to exit the barrage of every single thought that James has ever had about designing the music studio of his dreams.

He came into the Nutjob Hills Diner last week all excited.  He said that he was finally going to be building something that he had been wanting for years.

My mistake was in asking him what that was.

He was only too glad to start flooding me with everything there was to know about this music studio he was going to finally be able to build.  I listened politely, letting him enjoy his moment.  Then he said something that confused me a bit.  Something about getting a new primacoustic stratusacoustic cloud at musician’s friend for the control booth to insure that the sound quality was the best possible.

The first thing that went through my mind was that it was some new “Cloud Computing” thing that would somehow process the music before (or as) it was being recorded.

He told me that no, it was a special kind of sound proofing that would stop echos & several other words I didn’t know the meaning of but didn’t dare ask him about.

This went on for a total of thirteen hours before my phone rang.  I answered it and acted surprised like it was something urgent, apologized and left.  Swearing to myself that I would *NEVER* ask a question like that in Nutjob Hills again.

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