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Spy Program Bigger than we thought

As if it were a surprize, We’re now finding out that the surveillance program is a lot bigger than we’ve been led to believe. INTEL CHIEF HINTS AT BIGGER SPY PROGRAM Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell defended Attorney General Alberto Gonzales against charges of lying over when the U.S.’s terror surveillance program got its […]

Obama Intends to hunt terrorists in Pakistan

In a move that’s guaranteed to get under the collective skins of the Pakistani government, not to mention countless families of American soldiers, Barack Obama has said that he’s willing to send troups into Pakistan to hunt terrorists… without local pemission. OBAMA VOWS TO HUNT TERRORISTS IN PAKISTAN After his rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, described […]

Cities suing gangs

I just read an article about cities suing gangs to stop violence.  My first reaction to this is to think that somebody out there enjoys spinning their wheels. Why would a gang even show up in court, let alone obey any kind of court order?  It seems to me that somebody has forgotten one basic […]

Controversy over BP Facility in Whiting, Indiana

Here’s a tough question.  What’s more important, increasing refinery capacity or keeping pollution down?  That’s the question facing folks in Whiting, Indiana BP is planning to expand it’s refinery.  The expansion will allow them to refine the heavier Canadian crude oil.  This will mean an increase in oil production and according to BP, some 2000 […]

A Credit Card World

Credit cards can be such insidious things and yet it’s becoming more and more difficult to do business without them. They’ve flooded us with offers for 0% credit cards and tempted us with things like 0% balance transfers In fact I have personally had occasions when making a purchase was made more difficult because I […]