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Use A Mortgage Calculator

Are mortgages and
home loans are too easy to get? An odd sounding question given the hoops
that banks and financial institutions will generally make you jump
through in order to get any kind of home loan, but in some circles
that’s the question that is being asked. Not very long ago there was a
bunch of noise in the news about sharp increases in the number of
foreclosures, most of them horror stories in which people’s dream of
owning a home get flushed.

So perhaps it’s a good idea to wonder if banks are doing enough to make
sure that mortgage applicants can make their repayments? Perhaps it
would also be a good idea for people to use tools like this mortgage
calculator and this secured
loans calculator to get an idea of what a given loan can end up
costing you over the years and decide if they’re reaching too far for
their current means.

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Credit Problems

What can I say about credit cards and 0%
balance transfers? Probably more than most want to read. Especially
since people these days use credit cards too much and don’t give much
thought to ways that they can at least avoid or cut seriously down on
fees and interest payments.

The first and most important step would be a bit of plastic surgery.
Decide on one credit
card that you keep for those times when you absolutely need one and
cut the rest into at least five pieces each. The idea is that credit
cards are not something that you should use except in extreme need. 
People should live within their means and credit
cards make it possible for people to live beyond their means. 
That’s why I think there’s too many of them around.

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