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Virtual Set Design

Something that I have always been only very marginally skilled at is graphics.  Specifically I’m talking about creating completely new graphics on the empty canvas of a program like paint or GIMP.  As a matter of fact, except for doing occasional touch ups and slight modifications of existing pictures, I’m downright terrible at it. That’s […]

How’s This For A Dr Phil Moment?

Y’know, it’s amazing how many of these things there are.  This one is priceless in it’s use of the Dr. Phil-ism. [tags]humor, funny, hilarious, bumper sticker, anti obama[/tags]

Sold Out

I just went over to have a look at what has and ran into yet another gem of an anti-obama bumper sticker.  The sad part is that it’s sold out.  Why am I not surprised? [tags]anti obama, bumper sticker, humor, funny, hilarious, political humor[/tags]

Found Another one!

I wish that I’d waited a few minutes before publishing that last post.  No more than two minutes after I hit “publish”, I found this gem. I can’t help thinking that it’s going to be a best seller [tags]anti obama, bumper sticker, funny, hilarious, humor[/tags]

Perfect Description

Since Obama first appeared spreading his slick talk and conning people out of mountains of money in the form of contributions to his campaign I have been trying to come up with the perfect snappy description of him. Somebody in Maine beat me to it with a bumper sticker that Exactly describes him! [tags]obama, president, […]