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Attack Of the Zombie Cats

Somebody sent me this in an email and I just HAD to post it here. [Tags]cats, zombies, zombie cats, funny pic[/tags]

Lights Camera *ACK!* DISK FULL!

I’ve been playing more and more with video editing and learning how to do assorted special effects.  I’ve even been trying to work on a script for a movie that uses as much of this stuff as I can just to show off a bit.  One thing that’s started to become an *issue* however is […]

YouTube Exempted From White House Web Privacy Rules

The new privacy policy at the White House website says, among other things, that it doesn’t use long term tracking cookies in accordance with a ruling prohibiting the use of long term “persistent” cookies by federal agencies.

Internet Danger To Kids Exaggerated

In the last couple of years there’s been a LOT of hype about how dangerous it is to let your kids on the Internet.  Now while I DO agree that children need to have their internet activity monitored by their parents, I’ve never believed that there’s a predator behind every chat message, MySpace page or Facebook profile the way the mainstream media and a lot of government types have tried their best to portray it.

China Used Windows In Opening Ceremonies And Gets BSOD

Imagine going to the trouble and expense of making all of the travel arrangements, getting a passport and flying all the way to China to attend the Olympic games.  You are expecting to relax and take it easy while you watch all of your favorite events when all of a sudden, during the opening ceremonies, there it is.