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Minecraft -10- Making a Molehill Out Of A Mountain And More Ownage

I came up with a plan to deal with that mountain.  I decided to literally make a molehill out of it.  The plan was to start a major dig and level the thing.  Then once it was level it would be turned into a quarry that would go all the way down to bedrock.

When I returned to base for the night I once again managed to get seriously owned.

While I understand now that the reason for it was that I didn’t have enough lighting in the right places it still felt like the mountain was thumbing it’s nose at me.

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My Latest Contest Entry

This video is my latest contest entry.  The winner is determined by the total number of “Likes” that all entries have.  The person with the highest overall number of “Likes” will be declared the winner.

Right now I’m running behind.  Not because the my video entries aren’t good, rather because I don’t have as many people willing to take two seconds and click the “Like” button.

This has left me needing about roughly 100 “Likes” to even have a *chance* to win.  I would appreciate it very much if you’d take a few seconds to load this video on youtube and click the “Like” button.


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My Latest Video Project

Watching Bad Videos So You Don’t Have To its what I am calling my latest project.  In each video in this series I will be spotlighting some of the better videos I find on youtube.

The idea is to help these better videos get the attention they deserve and help viewers have an easier time of finding them in the virtual ocean of crappy videos out there.

Here’s the first episode:

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New Star Trek Movie

After the mess that JJ Abrams has made of Star Trek there’s really only one way to truely fix things and the folks behind have probably got the best idea available for how to accomplish this.  Kirk must be recovered from the Nexus.

Yeah, I know, Picard did that once.  However the story they’ve got does a great job of explaining why it’s possible to do it again.  Only THIS time Kirk doesn’t need to get killed off.

Long Live Kirk.

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As some readers may know (especially if you read my other blog “I am not a hamster“, not long ago I got a copy of CrazyTalk 5 standard edition.  I’ve found it to be a great tool for making some interesting videos, more of which will be coming in the near future.  It’s an absolutely great tool for doing facial animation.  That is, animating any face that you can feed it a picture of.

Recently I got an email from Reallusion that an upgrade to CrazyTalk 6 Pro is now possible.  The downside is that the new version has much higher system requirements.  While (for once!) the shortfall in my system isn’t the video card, the new software want’s a dual core cpu at 2.6 ghz or faster and all the RAM you can hand it, preferably 3gb or more.

So what I’m putting on my wishlist is not just the new version of the program but also a high end system that’s capable of running it.  Oh yeah, I did try the demo and it technically *does* run on my AMD Sempron 2400+ w/2gb Ram, but it does so at an agonizing crawl, taking minutes to do things that should only take a second to do….  and that’s if I shut down every non-essential process before starting it.

In any event, that’s not going to stop me from getting the most out of the version that I’ve got now.  There are definitely some hopefully good, hopefully humorous videos planned for CrazyTalk 5 standard.  As for the new version and a new machine to run it on, I’ve not given up on that just yet.

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