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Minecraft -10- Making a Molehill Out Of A Mountain And More Ownage

I came up with a plan to deal with that mountain.  I decided to literally make a molehill out of it.  The plan was to start a major dig and level the thing.  Then once it was level it would be turned into a quarry that would go all the way down to bedrock. When […]

My Latest Contest Entry

This video is my latest contest entry.  The winner is determined by the total number of “Likes” that all entries have.  The person with the highest overall number of “Likes” will be declared the winner. Right now I’m running behind.  Not because the my video entries aren’t good, rather because I don’t have as many […]

My Latest Video Project

Watching Bad Videos So You Don’t Have To its what I am calling my latest project.  In each video in this series I will be spotlighting some of the better videos I find on youtube. The idea is to help these better videos get the attention they deserve and help viewers have an easier time […]

New Star Trek Movie

After the mess that JJ Abrams has made of Star Trek there’s really only one way to truely fix things and the folks behind have probably got the best idea available for how to accomplish this.  Kirk must be recovered from the Nexus. Yeah, I know, Picard did that once.  However the story they’ve […]

Wishlist: A Copy Of CrazyTalk 6 PRO And A Computer That Can Run It.

As some readers may know (especially if you read my other blog “I am not a hamster“, not long ago I got a copy of CrazyTalk 5 standard edition.  I’ve found it to be a great tool for making some interesting videos, more of which will be coming in the near future.  It’s an absolutely […]