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Past Time For A New Camera

After seeing the pictures of the Flood of ’08 that I took recently, I’ve decided that it’s past time to retire the ancient Polaroid Digital 320 that I’m using now which is limited to 320 x 240 and no zoom, optical or digital.  This thing doesn’t even have a flash, which means if you’re taking […]

A Little Respect Please

One of the holiday traditions in our house is to watch one or more of the many football games.  This year we sat down to watch the Sugar Bowl because one of the teams, Hawaii, was one that we hadn’t actually heard of before and I don’t think they’d ever shown up in a bowl […]

The Apprentice

I’m not much of a fan of most so-called “reality” shows, but once in a while I do venture to watch.  One that I’ve watched before and will be looking in on is the upcoming season of “The Apprentice”.  It’s essentially a really long job interview where a bunch of candidates compete in various tasks […]

Virtual Makeover

Being a guy that likes little ‘what if’ kind of programs just because they can sometimes be interesting, I couldn’t resist playing with this “virtual makeover” for a few minutes just for the heck of it. Basically, this is actually a fairly sophisticated program, especially since I believe it’s a flash program.  You can upload […]

Virtual Travel

I think that most people are interested in a certain amount of travel simply because there’s so many places in this world to go to and see for yourself.  I mean, you can look at pictures and videos all day long and when it’s all said and done it’s still not the same thing as […]