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Past Time For A New Camera

After seeing the pictures of the Flood of ’08 that I took recently, I’ve decided that it’s past time to retire the ancient Polaroid Digital 320 that I’m using now which is limited to 320 x 240 and no zoom, optical or digital.  This thing doesn’t even have a flash, which means if you’re taking a picture in less than full daylight, don’t expect to see much.

To that end I’ve installed a ChipIn widget in the sidebar with the idea of raising enough to get something that can actually take a decent picture at a respectable resolution.  Oh, a USB connection would be pretty nice too.  I’m not a great photographer or anything but given a decent camera I’d be using a lot more pictures.

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A Little Respect Please

One of the holiday traditions in our house is to watch one or more of the many football games.  This year we sat down to watch the Sugar Bowl because one of the teams, Hawaii, was one that we hadn’t actually heard of before and I don’t think they’d ever shown up in a bowl game before.  We thought that because of their 12-0 record it had potential to be a pretty good game.

As most people know, the start of a sporting event involves the playing of the national anthem and this is where my complaint is centered.  As The Star Spangled Banner played, the crowd that filled the Superdome showed an immense disrespect in not having the courtesy to spend the few minutes it took for the song to be played in a respectful state of quiet.

I’m sure that there were plenty of people there that did, however judging from what I saw and heard on the tv, MOST of the people there spent the time being anything but respectful.

I realize that people want to just cut loose at things like this and have fun … and I’m all for it.  Knock yourself out.  But at least have the decency to be still and shut your yap for a few minutes while the national anthem plays.  I don’t care if you don’t like it or whatever.  You can at least have a little respect for those who do like it and still believe in this country and SHUT UP for five minutes.

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The Apprentice

I’m not much of a fan of most so-called “reality” shows, but once in a while I do venture to watch.  One that I’ve watched before and will be looking in on is the upcoming season of “The Apprentice”.  It’s essentially a really long job interview where a bunch of candidates compete in various tasks to win the big prize: A job as Donald Trump’s Apprentice.  It’s interesting because it’s not just about who has what qualifications for the job.  The various tasks put them in a wide variety of situations from operating a car wash to creating advertising campaigns for Manhattan condos for sale in one of Trump’s high rise towers.

In the end the person who wins is the one that’s got the most overall flexibility and ability to function and succeed in more situations.  The problem is when Trump chooses the wrong apprentice, which I think he’s done more than once.  ‘course, it’s his money…..

btw-I’d have included a link to the page for this new season I saw a tv commercial for yesterday, but NBC doesn’t seem to have on up yet.

Virtual Makeover

Virtual Makeover “Before”Being a guy that likes little ‘what if’ kind of programs just because they can sometimes be interesting, I couldn’t resist playing with this “virtual makeover” for a few minutes just for the heck of it.

Basically, this is actually a fairly sophisticated program, especially since I believe it’s a flash program.  You can upload a picture or start with one of their basic pictures of average types.  For this little experiment I decided to start out with the bald guy to the left.  Once you’ve chosen a starting picture (or uploaded your own!), the next step is to pick the hair.  You can choose from several different hairstyles or you can opt to see how you’d look with a celebrity hairstyle.

I decided to give him Orlando Bloom’s hair.  All by itself that did a whole world of good, whoever this guy is he’s not the Howie Mandel type… bald just doesn’t work for him.  My next stop was facial hair.  What can I say?  I wear a beard myself and like it. [though my wife doesn’t care for the fact that my favorite style of beard is the “Grizzly Adams/Wildman” look. ;-) ] So I gave him a full beard and made it black to match the hair.

Virtual Makeover - AfterI decided to skip over the cosmetics options, though there is a lot of them for anyone who’s interested.  I opted for a pair of Versace Eyeglasses and decided that he was done.  The end result is pictured here.  Not bad for only spending a few minutes looking over the possibilities.  There’s also a makeover gallery showing before and after shots of makeovers that others have done.  It really is an interesting way to see how you’d look if you changed something.

Virtual Travel

I think that most people are interested in a certain amount of travel simply because there’s so many places in this world to go to and see for yourself.  I mean, you can look at pictures and videos all day long and when it’s all said and done it’s still not the same thing as seeing it for yourself.  The thing is though, that travel can get real expensive quickly.  I think that’s one of the big reasons that a travel blog can be such a big hit, because it caters to those of use that might want to travel but for whatever reason, can’t do so.

Once in a while I’ll look at a travel blog myself.  I know it’s not the same thing as being there but it’s still interesting because you can pick up all sorts of little tidbits about various places around the world…. History, Culture and of course, one of the big things about a travel blog is that if you’re reading a good one, you can get treated to some really good photos of the places they’re talking about.  Just today I ran across a really spectacular winter shot from a mountain top of a cabin just above the tree line overlooking a really great sunset (or sunrise).

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