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It’s Breadmaking Season

One of the things that I love about fall, aside from the spectacular displays of leaves turning color (which is more impressive that I would have expected in Northeast Arkansas), is the fact that the weather is turning cool enough that baking and breadmaking can be done without turning the house into an oven in […]

World Tour

Like a lot of people, one day I’d like to be able to do a bit of traveling.  Not only would I like to see a lot of places here in the good old U. S. of A., I’d also be interested in quite a number of places around the world.  for example I’d like […]

Quick Look At Accomline Blog

This is a blog that’s all about travel and the accommodations you need when you get to your destination.  It appears to be operated by Accommodation Line, a worldwide site offering hotel and accommodation bookings up to a year in advance.  Their blog is a source of accommodation travel news from a variety of destinations […]

“Earl” T-shirts?

Sometimes I get the feeling that maybe I’ve been living in a cave someplace and I’ve got that feeling once again.  I mean, I have actually heard of the ‘My Name Is Earl’ tv sitcom, but I’ve never watched it, well, because I’ve seen commercials for it.  Apparently however an awful lot of people do […]

Mac Users Up For Some Poker?

Like a lot of people, I’ve played a bit of online poker…just for fun of course.  I stick strictly to the free games that are for entertainment only.  (besides, I’m not very good) I’ve also had computers and operating systems in the past that weren’t compatible with most stuff out there. Given that, When saw […]