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More Mice?

What is and just why would I want more rodents?  Well it turns out that the only rodent that has to do with is a Disney creation.  The site is actually the home of Lowery’s vacation homes.  The site is all about vacation homes.  Specifically finding Condos and Town Houses to rent for the duration of a Florida vacation.

For example, A family traveling to see that famous mouse & friends could opt for something like an Orlando vacation home rental that would have them staying in a much more “homelike” situation rather than the more impersonal crowding of people in resort hotels.

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New CD release

I’ve never exactly been what you might call ‘music oriented’.  I mean I’ve listened to a lot of music over the years by a lot of artists but I’ve never really been on to pay a whole lot of attention to who did what.  I just knew what I liked.

I remember hearing things like “Roxanne”, “Message In A Bottle”, and “Every Breath You Take” all the time.  Back then I never realized that they were all done by the same band and as it turns out, they all were by The Police.  That would be me not paying attention to who, just knowing what I liked and recognizing songs rather than artists.

Now, The Police are re-formed for a new tour.  They’ve released a 2 disc compilation CD on June 5th, and it includes a vintage poster from back in the day.

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Morph This!

Here’s something that qualifies as both graphic design tool and cool toy.  I looked over This Animation Software Review page that features “Morphing” software.  Essentially, these programs allow you to take two separate images and produce a series of images that show the transformation from the first picture to the second.  This can make for some seriously cool animations as well as stills of the partially completed transformation.  Definitely worth a look.


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Want Some Cheap Universal Studios Tickets

Are you planning a vacation this summer?  If you are you know all about how expensive and sometimes overwhelming the seemingly endless options for admission tickets to the various theme park. is trying to take some of the pain out of figuring out where to go and how much it’s going to end up costing you.

I loaded up the site and saw right off the bat that they’ve got a lot of options for everything from Cheap Universal Studios Tickets to discounts for Disney, Sea World and a whole list of others.  They haveDisney tickets for stays of one to ten days for the “Disney Magic Your Way” package.

In any event, there’s enough possibilities to find something for nearly anyone.  I understand that the prices are considered pretty good, but since I’m just a tad on the cheap side….

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Fight DRM While There’s Still Time

DRM … Digital Rights Management. It’s a term that represents
the efforts of people and corporations that own the rights to something
to protect it from illegal copying.

While it’s entirely reasonable for a movie studio or record company to
want to keep their work from being pirated, it is also entirely
reasonable that they should not be allowed to hamstring legitimate
customers. DRM (also known as Digital Rights Mangling) is in a
way kind of like large governments… Both are getting entirely out of
control and need to have the brakes put on now while we still have some
possiblity of not losing all of our rights.

DRM While There’s Still Time

ageor writes "It seems (not only) to me that DRM is about far more
than intellectual property. It’s also about monopoly and freedom of
choice. It’s one of those cases where we, the consumers, must decide
against accepting the new industry’s rules, which care only about
control and making money. The whole matter is very well put in DRM,
Vista and your rights, where you can follow the subject as deeply as
you like through the numerous relevant links."

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