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So Many Useless Pages

Every once in a while I see a web page that is so incredibly useless that it makes me want to start reviewing websites and doing my best to warn people away from wasting their time with them. While I have not yet decided to go ahead with this idea I am tempted more and […]

Why Watch Bad Videos?

After my last post mentioning My video review series “Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to)” It occurred to me that because I’ve had questions about the title of that series and why I chose it. It’s really simple.  There are a zillion movies out there and even more youtube videos out there.  The […]

A Reprieve From The Cold

Today it seems that I’ve gotten a reprieve from the onslaught of deep cold weather as the temps today have reached into the low 50’s.  Given the temps over the last few weeks this is practically a heat wave. That, combined with the fact that I’ve gotten some fresh inspiration means that I’m feeling better […]

Minecraft: An Unexpected Game

I can honestly say that I never expected a game like Minecraft.  In today’s world of ultra-high resolution super slick graphics, you wouldn’t expect a game with graphics that look like something out of 8bit computer history to be anywhere near as successful OR as addicting as Minecraft is. The player’s avatar isn’t exactly James […]

Youtube Channels That Deserve Notice

This video points out some youtube channels that deserve to have a lot more notice than they have. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.  Watch it on youtube and you can get the links to those channels in the video description. [tags]watching, bad, videos, wbv, nightmare, potential, M4RCUSM4N, free promotion, commercial, 30 […]