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Green Lanterns, Blue Turkeys, Lady Gaga & The Meaning Of Life

I talk about several great videos here and at least one big blue turkey [tags]watching bad videos, wbv, lady gaga, bad romance, fat romance, ShawnCorytube, meaning of life, olinselot, video responses, Emusarebirdstoo, Urgo, green lantern, entertainment tonight, skyline, movie review, video review, blue turkey, tinfoilchefdotcom[/tags]

Like Movies?  You’ll Want To See This

In the latest video in my series “Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to)”, I present both a home made movie trailer for a movie that, if you’re a horror fan you are going to want to see the whole film made. I also talk about a movie that’s in production at Universal that […]

Sometimes The Best “New” Is Something Old

There is something that I think has been completely lost on the younger generation.  It’s the fact that just because something is new does not make it a better or even a good thing.  For example every once in a while I waste an hour or two of my time trying to convince people that […]

My Latest Video Project

Watching Bad Videos So You Don’t Have To its what I am calling my latest project.  In each video in this series I will be spotlighting some of the better videos I find on youtube. The idea is to help these better videos get the attention they deserve and help viewers have an easier time […]

Amega AmWand Scam Warning

The Amega Amwand is one of those classic snake oil remedies that is being sold to people who are desperate to relieve chronic pain.  There are all kinds of amazing claims being made about this thing.  That it can do everything from relieve pain to increase your energy level and even tighten and lift your […]