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Iron Man 2

Well it seems that Iron Man 2 is finally out and from what I have seen in reviews so far it looks like it’s going to be doing very well.  How well?  Lets just say that I kinda wish that i was a merchant account reseller for Iron Man 2 merchandising.  If I were, I’m […]

I’m Looking At Vipre Antivirus

It’s no secret that I’m not normally one to use “paid for” anti-virus programs as long as there are perfectly good free versions around for home use.  And then, once I do find one that works to my satisfaction I’ll stay with it until it becomes obvious that there is something better out there or […]

Folded Note Could Be Unfolded Too Easily For Strong Anonymity is another in the long list of web based services that offer some form of anonymous email messaging.  Theirs is somewhat different than most I’ve seen in that it involves a four step process and even allows the anonymous sender to recieve a reply.  All this while ostensibly remaining anonymous.  Of course, I decided to check it out.

Anonymous Email Review – Webwizny

On the home page of Webwizny you will find a collection of free online tools that range from things like “Send your Xmas List to Santa”, Free Image Hosting and Downloading videos from YouTube, to finding out how old you are in days or analyzing the strength of a password and a few more.

Anonymous Email Review –

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of sites that offer the visitor the ability to send emails that they promote as being anonymous.  Unfortunately, most of them offer very little if any actual anonymity at all.