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Matterhorn Remailer Back Up

I recently posted about the Matterhorn remailer being down.  This morning I found an announcement in alt.privacy.anon-server that it’s been restored to normal operation.

It does however, have a new mixmaster key.  The best way to get the new key is to send an email to remailer AT rip DOT ax DOT lt with the subject line: remailer-key

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For The Paranoid Among Us

Time was when the classic image of somebody bugging somebody electronically involved finding a Sam Spade wannabe in some hole in the wall office with little more than a filing cabinet or two, a bottle of scotch and a huge desk that served as a place to store a box of Dutch Master cigars, a bottle of scotch and a loaded gun for when the “bad guys” showed up to rough him up.

Now it’s all too easy for almost anybody to get hold of some very sophisticated electronic snooping gear just by ordering it online.  And there are more and more people doing the snooping too.  It’s not just relegated to Humphrey Bogart lookalikes or the government’s assortment of “men in black”.  It could be a suspicious spouse, a nosy neighbor, or (if you’re well off enough) a thief who wants to be sure of when you’re planning to be gone for a few hours so that they can clean you out at their leisure.

Well, I just saw a good answer to that problem on Think Geek, it’s a mini bug detector that can spot nearly all types of wireless transmitters.  What’s really cool is that it’s actually fairly cheap to own given the wide range of stuff it can detect.

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Matterhorn Remailer Down

I just ran across a post on alt.privacy.anon-server from yesterday announcing that the Matterhorn anonymous remailer is down, apparently due to a hard drive failure.  Since the operator is out of the country it’s likely to be months before it’s restored to operation.

What I thought was a completely non-thought out answer to that post was somebody suggesting that they just give instructions to somebody with physical access to the machine it runs on so that they could get it going again.

Obviously this is a bad idea.  Why?  Because a remailer is a security application and the only way that it can STAY that way is if ONLY the operator has the passphrases needed to access the machine and the PGP keys for the remailer program itself.  Having anyone else do anything with it means giving those passphrases to them in order for them to be able to do it.  It’s right up there with sharing your personal PGP/GnuPG key passphrase.  You just don’t do it… ever.

Why can’t people see really obvious things like this?

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Spy Phone Reports Your Every Move

The latest thing in Big Brother technology is a rather “special” mobile phone that uses a combination of GPS technology and Software that analyzes data from the phone’s accelerometer which enables employers to track employees on an unprecedented level, even to the point of being able to tell what an employee is doing in addition to merely keeping tabs on their location.

Not only is this hideously invasive, it’s only a matter of time before governments decide that EVERYBODY needs to be tracked on this level and start requiring ALL phones to have this technology built in.

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Thanks For The Help Microsoft … NOT

I just read an article about a bug found in Windows XP.

Apparently the vulnerability involves the way that VBScript interacts with Windows Help files (when you’re using Internet Explorer, though anyone with any sense stopped doing that long ago) and can be triggered by pressing F1 after visiting a malicious Web site that uses a specially crafted dialog box.

Microsoft’s answer?  They advise XP users not to hit F1.  BIIIG help idiots.  How about patching the damned bug instead of giving stupid advice?

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