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Airline Security going too far?

In the news recently there’s been a lot of stuff about security problems on airline flights. Several flights have been diverted and / or delayed, quite a few people have been looked at closely by air marshals and feds of various flavors and some have been arrested. This article, Security concerns disrupt seven U.S. flights […]


Frankly, Everyone should be welcoming this ruling. This thing went entirely too far. CCR WELCOMES RULING DECLARING DOMESTIC SPYING ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL On August 17, 2006, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) welcomed the ruling in favor of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in ACLU v. NSA. Filed on the same day as CCR […]

Search Histories and Privacy

In light of recent news about AOL leaking user’s search terms, this EFF article about keeping search history private is very much a good idea and should be required reading for everyone who uses search engines and wants to keep their personal information private. How To Keep Your Search History Private August 15, 2006 How […]

TV with a ‘Tude or, Big Brother Really IS watching!

Simply put, this is technology that we can and should live without. Big Bro will have other ideas I’m certain…. all for our own good of course…. +——————————————————————–+ | Apple’s All-Seeing Screen | | from the don’t-leave-this-on-by-accident dept.  | | posted by ScuttleMonkey on Wednesday April 26, @16:26 (Displays) | | | +——————————————————————–+Based on […]

Google to hand over partial data

I haven’t got a url for it handy right now, but I just saw a New York Times article quoted on alt.privacy that states Google is going to hand over 50,000 urls instead of the original 1,000,000 demanded, and 5,000 search terms instead of the full weeks worth originally demanded. I don’t care how you […]