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Avian Flu, Serious threat or blown WAY out of proportion?

Since it’s discovery in mainland China was revealed, The avian flu has been the subject of an ever increasing ammount of talk. It’s been compared to the flu outbreak of 1918. Tens of thousands of birds have been destroyed in an effort to contain it. This strain of flu is apparently resistant to most, if […]

Enough is too much

There’s a few things to talk about this time. First up, The NSA Spying beast is still around. Four senators have proposed a bill that’s supposed to provide oversight for the President’s domestic spying program. One of the things I’ve got against this is the fact that it’s bypassing the need to get a warrant. […]

House approves safeguards to Patriot Act

I cannot help but wonder how good are the “safeguards” that the Senate, and now the House approved? How carefully are civil liberties protected?  How much attention is paid to people’s right to privacy? Will it perhaps mean an end to unconstitutional wiretaps without warrants? Here’s hoping there’s *something* decent in there. If not, I […]

Analysts claim Fear and is the reason for Objections to Dubai port deal

This just proves that among other things, policy analysts aren’t really listening to what people are saying. The objections to the Dubai port deal are many, but they’re not based on isolationism or fear. They’re based on simple security principal that almost anyone can understand; Dubai is a State owned Saudi company. The Saudi’s have […]

Senate Approves Patriot Act Renewal 89 – 10

I cannot help but count this as a negative event. In spite of all that lawmakers think they have accomplished, this renewed Patriot Act is continuing to chip away at individual civil liberties and the right to privacy. I believe The only way to deal with it is to repeal it completely. Then we need […]