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Some Great Christmas Gift Ideas

As the Christmas season draws closer and closer people are once again scrambling like mad to come up with the best possible ideas for gifts.  As we all know this is usually quite the challenge and I think is responsible for a fairly large percentage of the people that don’t finish their Christmas shopping until […]

Foam You Say?

One of the most fantastic nights a person will have is when they stretch out on a queen sized memory foam mattress. Tiny air pockets inside these mattresses shrink to sort themselves freely around each individual curve and protrusion of the sleeper’s body, like a person’s waistline curving away to the hips, then tapering down […]

Shopping In A Small Town

Shopping in a small town is nothing like doing so in even an average to smallish city.  In the city you are much more likely to have different stores for every type of thing that you buy.  You’ll go to one place for food, another for clothes, a third for housewares and still a fourth […]

Nearly Upon Us: Biggest Sales Of The Year

With the rapid approach of Black Friday the season that retailers love the most is nearly upon us.  Things are no different here in Nutjob Hills.  Merchants are loading up on stock, setting up sales, and getting ready for what they hope will be the biggest profits of the year. The one big difference is […]

I *USED* To Love Mowing The Lawn

It’s true.  Once upon a time, some ten years ago, I absolutely loved taking a couple of hours every two weeks or so to mow the lawn.  Of course, at the time I had just gotten a new mower on sale which made the job pretty easy.  It started on the first or second pull, […]