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Some Great Christmas Gift Ideas

As the Christmas season draws closer and closer people are once again scrambling like mad to come up with the best possible ideas for gifts.  As we all know this is usually quite the challenge and I think is responsible for a fairly large percentage of the people that don’t finish their Christmas shopping until nearly the last minute.

One tip that might help is that it’s well worth considering the idea of getting personalized gifts for men.  Contrary to popular belief, a large percentage of us guys actually do appreciate finer things.  This is especially true when we receive gifts that show how much thought somebody put into selecting what to give.  Personalizing something is one way to add that extra touch.

The first thing to do is make sure you know something about the guy’s tastes and what he’s interested in.  A personalized beer mug may be great for a lot of guys but if the guy that you’re buying for isn’t a beer drinker it would be a less than ideal gift for him wouldn’t it?

A set of poker chips in an engraved case would be great if he’s into Texas Hold-em but if he’s not a card player it’s not going to mean nearly as much to him.

Similarly, jewelry works for a lot of guys but there’s always those that don’t ever wear stuff like that.  You have to pay some attention to what he likes in order to hit something that’s really going to work.

Paying attention to details can often give you an idea for something that will be a perfect gift without necessarily having to spend a fortune doing it.

Foam You Say?

One of the most fantastic nights a person will have is when they stretch out on a queen sized memory foam mattress. Tiny air pockets inside these mattresses shrink to sort themselves freely around each individual curve and protrusion of the sleeper’s body, like a person’s waistline curving away to the hips, then tapering down the legs towards the feet. No other variety or type of mattress is able to adapt so completely, cocooning the entire body in comfort without sagging under it.

Anyone interested in a queen memory foam type of mattress ought to find the time to check them out by reading customer reviews and get a opinion of which one best suits their sleep needs.

There are two main types.  One made from a chemical reaction, and the other made using all natural latex. Each type have the benefits of being a type of memory foam, however the latex version will be a lot more desirable to people who’re troubled with sinus difficulties or subject to allergenic attacks.

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Shopping In A Small Town

Shopping in a small town is nothing like doing so in even an average to smallish city.  In the city you are much more likely to have different stores for every type of thing that you buy.  You’ll go to one place for food, another for clothes, a third for housewares and still a fourth for auto parts and so on.

Here in the small town it’s usually quite a bit different.  When I go shopping for food and remember that I need to get a new pair of jeans or new footwear, the odds are good that I can do all of these at the same store.  In fact, I can even get ATV Accessories at the same place I go for a quick take out meal of double cheeseburgers when ATV’s are in season.  Another store combines the sale of things like washing machines, driers and refrigerators with everything you would find in a radio shack.  It’s an odd combination but it works just the same.

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Nearly Upon Us: Biggest Sales Of The Year

With the rapid approach of Black Friday the season that retailers love the most is nearly upon us.  Things are no different here in Nutjob Hills.  Merchants are loading up on stock, setting up sales, and getting ready for what they hope will be the biggest profits of the year.

The one big difference is that here in Nutjob Hills, some of the ‘sales’ are a bit odd and some of them are downright strange.  For example there’s the dress shop that’s stocking up for what they expect will be a record day for the sale of prom dresses.  Never mind the fact that I at least have never heard of *anybody* buying something like that at this time of year.  That’s normally a spring kind of thing as far as I’ve always known.

But then again, this fall I saw Christmas items start showing up in the stores during late September which is earlier than I’ve ever seen ’em show up before.

Personally, I prefer not to move quite so fast as all that.

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I *USED* To Love Mowing The Lawn

It’s true.  Once upon a time, some ten years ago, I absolutely loved taking a couple of hours every two weeks or so to mow the lawn.  Of course, at the time I had just gotten a new mower on sale which made the job pretty easy.  It started on the first or second pull, had a twenty two inch cut and worked great for years.

Sadly, that is no longer the case.  That once faithful machine has not even started since the spring of 2009.  That, combined with intolerably hot weather and a weed eater that only worked sporadically since the mower died has changed mowing the lawn from a relaxing pastime into a major chore that now takes me most of a week to get done in bits and pieces.

This is, of course, unacceptable because the lawn must still be kept cut.  If it isn’t, sooner or later I get a visit from code enforcement who then gives me seven days to get the job done.

I can’t afford to pay somebody else to do it and even if I could, paying somebody forty dollars to do a job that I used to do in two hours just cuts against the grain in the worst possible way.  Also, long gone are the days when you could pay a neighborhood kid a couple bucks to do it.  Now even they want ten and twenty dollars to cut an average lawn.

That’s why I *REALLY* like the idea of this robotic lawn mower.  With something like this, All I would need to do is clear the yard of fallen tree limbs and rocks, set up a perimeter wire around the area that I want cut and then turn the machine loose.

It would then proceed to crisscross the area, automatically avoiding obstacles like the propane tank and the trees in my front yard, mulching the grass as it goes.  There would still be a few areas that I would need to get with the weed eater but with the robot doing the lion’s share of the work I would have a MUCH easier time of keeping the grass cut and I would NOT have to deal with any more visits from code enforcement OR the occasional nasty look I get from the neighbors with their perfectly manicured lawns.

Now All I need to do is find a well off relative and convince them that this would make an absolutely perfect Christmas gift.  Truly, I SO want one of these!!  More than that, I actually need one!

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