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Thanks For The (REAL!) Comments

I just want to take a moment to say thanks to a couple of people who left comments on this blog recently.  They were perhaps the first *real* comments I’ve seen on this blog in quite a while.  Most of the time it’s senseless automated crap posted by bots people use trying to build links. […]

A Note To People Leaving Comments

If, in my opinion, your comment is not somehow actually related to the post you leave it on, I’ll delete it without so much as a second thought. If, When I read the comment, I decide that you couldn’t possibly have actually read the post you are replying to, that comment will NEVER see the […]

Some Changes

I’ve been thinking about some changes to the look and function of the blog and tonight I’ve finally gotten around to actually doing some of it.  I removed the big no-google graphic and the dead monitor donate button that were in the sidebar because, honestly, they were taking up a bunch of space and not […]

Dead Monitor Cramps Computing Style!

What do you do when you’re toiling away at the project of the moment and all of a sudden your monitor goes dark?  There’s no clicking sounds, not a whiff of smoke or a flicker of the lights.  The computer itself continues merrily along, waiting for your next input or instruction.  Checking and double-checking the […]

Freenet 0.5 Seednodes File Updated

Freenet users: I’ve updated the file that I keep available on my “unofficial freenet alternative download page” For those who prefer to get it within freenet itself here’s the key: CHK@JithgPJCnK6JBPWOZimPXlOyQXYUAwI,p9LVPGPIWedHtWI8ryJX8A/ (for this link to work you must be running Freenet 0.5) Technorati Tags: alternative, download,, alternative, freenet, download,, download,, Freenet,, node, reference,, seednodes,, […]