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Blog comments system installed

I’ve successfully managed to get the Blogkomm comments system installed, making reader comments possible. Along the way I had to change all of the .html files to .php, so if you’ve got anything bookmarked you’ll want to update.

Because I had something of a hard time finding installation help that was friendly to those like myself that are new to Thingamablog, I think I’ll be writing up a quick-n-dirty how to do it after I’ve had a few days to be sure that it really is working right.

New Commentary Article Posted

New Article posted: “ Stop Executing The Innocent

New Lastdays Watch Item uploaded

I’ve just finished and uploaded the latest “Lastdays Watch” item, entitled “ Down The Rabbit Hole

Introducing Another In A Sea Of Blogs

Welcome to the semi-official first entry of “A Peculiar Blog”.

I’ll be using this space to talk about all sorts of things, sometimes with a real point to make and other times just blathering on about whatever comes to mind.

This space will also see announcements about new articles by my wife on her site Lura’s Bookcase and new articles on my site A Peculiar Place as well as new issues of Lastdays Watch. Last but not least, developments and new releases of Mixminion Message Sender as I get more work done on that project.

I’m also going to see what I can do about getting and implementing one of the tools I saw mentioned on the thingamablog site to add commenting capability tot this thing. For now though, I’m satisfied to just get this thing working write and posted.

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