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About Comments and Do-follow

I’ve decided to give the Lucia’s Linky Love plugin a try.  This means that after three comments, the url associated with your name will automatically have nofollow removed and after four comments, links within your comments get the same treatment.

It’s not that I’ve got a whole lot of comment spam right now, but I’m looking forward to the day when this thing is getting fifty or sixty thousand hits and eight or nine hundred comments an hour..(hey, if you have to dream, dream BIG)

A Word About Paid Posting

I’ve recently read a bunch of stuff about a paid blogging company and a change that they made to their TOS.  Now the matter has since been calmed down and it’s apparently working toward some kind of solution.  But I thought I’d take this opportunity to state my own position on the matter of paid blogging things in general.

First and foremost it’s my blog, with hosting that I pay for on my domain name that I paid for.  I will write in my blog anything I want within what I believe is acceptable.  There are sponsored posts, yet any opinions I express in them are my own and the content is entirely mine.  Most of the time (though not always) sponsored posts will be identified as such.  There are also occasions that I will place contextual links in posts that are not sponsored.  In that case the posts are not sponsored, only the links are.

Also, because I don’t want anyone to get the idea that a post with one or more links in it is automatically considered a sponsored post, I’m going to start putting at least one contextual type link in every post whether the link is paid for or not.  Which ones are paid for is strictly between me and the parties paying for the link(s) unless I *choose* to show it as sponsored.  Just because I include a link to something like a wall sconce doesn’t automatically mean the link is sponsored.  I might just think that linking to wall sconce suppliers is a funny idea.. or perhpas it might even be relevant to what I’m writing at the time.  Or maybe I might just pick it out of the air and link to it for the heck of it.

It is after all, my blog.

Collapsible Divs and Threaded Comments

I’ve been tinkering with things again.

This time I’ve installed “Yet Another Threaded Comments Plugin” to try out having comments appear in threaded fashion.  So far it looks good and it looks like I’ll be keeping it.

The other thing I’ve done is to put the Triple-P Blogroll and the Do-Follow Blogroll into collapsible <div>s so that they don’t show unless clicked on, making the sidebar a little shorter.

While I do like the way this trick looks, I’m still not certain about how search engines are going to treat links that are within these <div>s since they are essentially hidden until somebody clicks on them.

If I decide not to keep the collapsing <div>s, I’ll end up moving their content into a separate page.

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Latest Mods and another social bookmark plugin

Trying a third social bookmarking plugin.. this one’s called ‘Sociable‘ and so far, it’s working better than the other two.. and linking to more sites as well
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Changing Blog Software

As any regular readers will notice, things have changed.

This blog is now converted from Thingamablog to WordPress.  The old permalinks for posts will continue to work because the old files are still on the server.  In fact, those old files have enabled me to to the most complete reconstruction from previous Thingamablog crashes that I’ve ever been able to do.  I was able to recover all the way back to the first entry on 2/22/06.  I believe that there are some entries from Aug 06 that didn’t make the transition, but all things considered, I’m not worried about it.

Over time I will put 301 Redirect’s in the .htaccess file so that the old permalink urls will reach the wordpress version of the entries instead.

About all that’s remaining other than that is to do some tinkering with the template files and fine tune a few things.

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