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Another Bug Squashed!

It was actually a little thing but I noticed that when I clicked on the
Technorati icon below one of my posts this morning it opened a search on
Technorati looking for that entry instead of a page to add it as a

The code has been fixed and now the Techorati bookmarking links work the
way they should

Technorati Tags:

MMS Bug Found

Well, to be honest it’s one that I created with my last fix that got it
using the entire references line from a msg being replied to. I forgot
to change a var name I was using for the attribution of quoted text.

This has it quoting the references line instead of the Message Id in the
first line of a reply:

What was supposed to look like:

In <> George Orwell
<> wrote:

Was turning out:

In <>
<Xns9907C99758D082362352@> George Orwell <>

To say the least it looks sloppy as all get out, not to mention
confusing.  I should have a fix done in a day or two.  I’ll announce
here and on alt.privacy.anon-server when MMS 1.2.4-Beta is ready.

MMS 1.2.3-Beta Now Available

The latest verision of Mixminion Message Sender (MMS) is now available.

I found a bug recently that was causing new messages to usenet to land
in the bit bucket because the error was causing Mixminion to error out.

I also changed the ‘reply to clipboard’ parsing so that the entire
references line from the msg being replied to will be used with the
current message-id added to the end. Mixminion messages send with MMS
should now thread properly.

You can download it from the Mixminion
Message Sender download page

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Freenet Mirror of Lastdays watch

I was doing some looking around today and noticed that the freenet mirror of Lastdays Watch is at least one issue behind where it should be. I’ll be getting my files together tonight and inserting edition nine of the freenet mirror of Lastdays Watch.

Once it’s inserted, the URI for it will be:,

Note: in order for the freenet link to work you must be running freenet 0.5, which you can get at or from my unofficial alternative download

<Standard note about freenet versions>

Don’t let the "old" part of that url worry you. Freenet developers are working on a new version of freenet, 0.7 which is not compatible with 0.5 and is still very much in early (alpha) testing and development.  Version 0.5 is still in use by a lots of people and will continue to be for a long time to come.

</Standard note about freenet versions>


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New Article in The ‘Translating Christ’ Series.

I’ve just put up a new article in the series "Translating Christ"
series. It’s titled "Translating
‘Christ’ Matthew 24:4-5 – Don’t Be Deceived.

This series is aimed at gaining a greater understanding of who Jesus is
and what He preached in His earthly ministry. The word "Christ" is used
over 500 times in the New Testament both when referring to Jesus and to
what He taught. Something that is used that much deserves the closer
look that I’m trying to do in this Bible Study series.

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