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New Issue of Lasdays Watch Posted

The 40th edition of Lastdays Watch, entitled "Iniquity Reigning" has just been posted. The freenet mirror will be inserted later today. When it’s done, the URI will be:,ckqhs1YME2xL0Ub3XcWpnA/watch/9// Note: in order for the freenet link to work you must be running freenet 0.5, which you can get at or from my unofficial alternative […]

Trying out feedburner

When this post is uploaded, the original RSS feed link that the Thingamablog template used will be replaced with feedburner links. If it works right, then there should be no difficulty for anyone reading the RSS feed and I’ll get the advantage of the stats that feedburner is supposed to make available. I figure I’ll […]

A sortof blogroll

Ok, confession time. I’ve only just run into the term "blogroll" in the last couple of days, yet it seems to be just another word for link exchange. The Idea of which is A, to provide visitors with links to interesting and / or useful sites and B, to increase the link popularity and pagerank […]

new edition of lastdays watch

I’ve just posted The newest edition of Lastdays Watch

Long time, no blog.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here but I’m expecting that to change now that all the holiday stuff is past.  Not only that, but I’m also going to work on getting a new edition of Lastdays watch written soon. (which I *should* be working on now <g>)