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New Article Posted

Orignially posted Wednesday, Sept 06

My wife Lura has posted a new article How
NOT To Lose Weight

It’s a powerfull look at some of the awful truths of weight loss

MMS now available on freenet

Originally posted Sunday Aug 27

As of tonight, Mixminion Message Sender is now available within freenet.
It’s url Is:

Note: in order for the freenet link to work you must be running freenet
0.5, which you can get at
Don’t let the "old" part of that url worry you. Freenet developers are
working on a new version of freenet, 0.7 which is not compatible with
0.5 and is still very much in testing and serious development. Version
0.5 is still in use by a large number of people and will continue to be
for some time to come.

I wasn’t going to do this but…

… After trying this once, and having all the data disappear, I’m once
again going to try restoring *some* of the posts that got lost in this
latest crash/data loss.

I’m not going to try to restore everything, just repost a few Items that
I just don’t want to see vanish just yet.  Is this maybe a bit much? 
Perhaps, but like I said, I’m not going to try restoring the whole thing.


Ok, my attempt to restore recent posts into this older backup failed.

I’m not going to put any more effort into it other than to start with
those daily backups. BTW- Not only am I selling it on this site, but
it’s also available on eBay at a discount
is the url.

Another Day, Another Crash

.. Well, not quite.. but today I discovered that both Thingamablog’s
data files AND my backup archive were gone…

Now, after restoring from a really old backup I didn’t find on the last
crash, and importing existing posts from the current site, I’ve restored
the blog to the most complete shape it’s been in for several crashes.

I am now going to be using "Backup Pro" to make daily backups and keep
several backups on hand at all times. It’s a great little tool, and you
can get it here

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