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Thingamablog Crash!

I was editing a new entry when for unknown reasons the computer locked up. Frozen cold as absolute zero. When I rebooted and got Thingamablog restarted I was greeted with this Error message:

Error Details…
Unable to connect to database
net.sf.thingamablog.backend.HSQLDatabaseBackend.connectToDB(Unknown Source)$2.construct(Unknown Source)
net.sf.thingamablog.SwingWorker$ Source) Source)

On further investigation the blog database was apparently damaged. All the template files are ok, but TAMB’s record of previous posts is gone. As I edit this I have no idea if clicking publish will nuke what’s already on the site. Just in case, I’ve got thexisting pages saved (hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it?) and If posting new stuff with the halfway recovered setup nukes the old posts I’ll probably do a manual repost of the last 10 or so posts.

As they say “here goes nothing”…

New System up and running

FINALLY… After a hideous amount of time, My system is up and running with all new everything..

ASRock K7VM3 motherboard, 1.6Ghz AMD Sempron 2400+ CPU, 2x 256Mb DDR333 and to top it off, a new 450 Watt power supply. The Hd has been formatted and a full re-install of everything.

It’s been a long time coming, and By the grace of God it’s finally going.

Perhaps NOW I can get entries up more often than every few months!

New Lastdays Watch article

New Lastdays Watch article uploaded:

Today’s Oxymoron: “Necessary Evil”

I’m baaaack!

It’s been a little over a month since I was last able to update this blog and a frustrating time at that.

It started with the arrival of my new motherboard.  I got it all installed and double checked all connections, dropped in the cpu and a 128Mb stick of memory and powered it up.

And then…. nothing.

After several more tries I noticed that the num lock, caps lock and scroll lock lights on the keyboard were all flashing in unison every time I tried to power it up.  A little time spent asking questions resulted in the conclusion that those lights flashing like that indicated that the cpu is dead, which I confirmed by trying one time with no cpu plugged in.

It’s not a dead memory stick, since a lack of RAM nets an insistent beeping from the system speaker.

After resigning myself to having to wait and buy a cpu, I replaced the original board and reverted to the way things were before trying to upgrade.

That’s when things started to *REALLY* get aggravating.

In the re-assembly process, an IC actually came off of the 3Com network card!

I wasted no time in ordering a replacement network card and ended up getting a set of three Mercury c39 10/100 PCI Ethernet cards for a really good price on ebay.

When they arrived I installed one and used my wife’s computer to locate and download drivers for it.  I booted up, ready to resume life as usual and restart my mail server which had been down for over a week because of this.

Windows found the card, installed it fine and in ‘network neighborhood’ I could see my machine, but I could not see the Windows ICS host machine.  No amount of trying to get this to work has helped.  I re-worked network settings at least 50 times, trying every arrangment of settings I could think about or find reference to.

I tried connecting directly to the ADSL modem and seeing if it could get online that way so that at least a semi-shared access would work. no soap.  The thing would not connect to either the other machine via crossover cable, or to the modem via straight cable.

Then, not being able to do anything online I booted the linux side of a dual boot I had recenetly created to learn my way around linux…

…and IT connected to the modem!  I saw the DHCPDISCOVER output in rather verbose boot output where the machine was assigned an I.P.  address from the server at

Anyone with a Centurytel flavored Netopia 3341 ADSL modem will know that the modem assigns itself, and the addresses it assigns to machines conected to it get addresses starteing at and incrementing from there.  My wife’s computer (connected to it by USB cable) is assigned and the modem is set to keep that assignment.  My machine is connected by the straight through LAN cable.  Centurytel says it’s not supposed to work with two computers on one modem, but it does.

I tested this by starting mozilla and trying to load a web page.. blam!  There it was.  Ok, it loaded slowly because the modem is not *supposed* to do the router thing, but apparently Debian Linux can convince it to where windows cannot.

So since then I’ve spent the last two weeks learning the world of linux and finding that I like it a lot more than windows.  A lot of things seem to be easier to do, and in the case of the internet connection, it actually works in linux where it doesn’t in windows

This makes the choice a lot easier.  I’m migrating all of my online activities to linux, keeping my windows partition for games and a few non-internet things that I haven’t got a linux equivalent for.

working the bugs out.

I’m still working the bugs out of a couple of little things.

First up is the comment system. Test postings showed that it’s working exactly as it’s supposed to but there’s the little detail that the link you click on to get to the comment form is not the whole “Blogkom” ents: business. It’s just the number in () that indicate how many comments have been posted about a particular post. I’m going to spend some more time tomorrow looking over the Blogkomm code to see if I can change that into either a comment button or at least a larger link who’s purpose is a little more obvious.

The Second item is the .htaccess file. I’m trying to work out the correct syntax for a redirect line (ideally using wildcards) that will redirect all requests for *.html files to thier *.php equivalents with a HTTP 301 “permanent redirect” so that any bookmarks made for a .html file will still work. This isn’t exactly important, since this site is new and readers and the SE’s have only begun to notice it, but I’d still like to learn a bit about what the .htaccess file can be used for and how to do it right.

In other news, I’ve bought a new motherboard finally, an AsRock K7VM3. God willing it’ll get here quickly, be a nice easy install, and the 900Mhz AMD Duron chip I have in my desk drawer will prove to still work (I expect it will, I’ve been told that AMD chips are pretty tough). It’s been roughly two years of running a 266Mhz Pentium with 64mb Ram and I can hardly wait to have something that will actually be able to run Wheel of Time again. Not to mention booting up in less than 10 minutes, having a web browser or any other program start up without draggin everything else to a standstill.

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