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GPS To Become More Problem Than Benefit

I’ve always thought that GPS systems in vehicles was a very two sided thing.  On the one hand you have the convenience of having reliable navigational aids available on demand.  There’s no need for futzing around with often difficult to manage paper maps, they can locate your position to within a very close margin of […]

Homeland Security Finally Killing Satellite Surveilance Program

You may recall that back in 2007 the Bush administration had plans to use spy satellites to look in on Americans from above using ultra high resolution cameras.  And just to prove that the Obama administration is at least a few diet pills short of a weight loss plan, this program WAS included in The […]

Good News About Latitude Users Privacy

When Google first launched their new “Latitude” service, one of the big questions that a lot of people had about it concerned the privacy of location information.  Would they maintain logs of location data?  Would they hand over location data without at least requiring a warrant? Well, according to a recent item on EFF’s Deeplinks […]

Folded Note Could Be Unfolded Too Easily For Strong Anonymity is another in the long list of web based services that offer some form of anonymous email messaging.  Theirs is somewhat different than most I’ve seen in that it involves a four step process and even allows the anonymous sender to recieve a reply.  All this while ostensibly remaining anonymous.  Of course, I decided to check it out.

Web Email Sites Like Yahoo or Hotmail Are NOT Anonymous

I recently saw a message thread where somebody asked how they could set up an anonymous email address that they could use when signing up for sites that they didn’t want to give up any real personal or contact information.