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Five Easy Steps To Installing Freenet Classic Opennet (FCon)

Having recently announced the release of build 5110, the first new build of Freenet Classic Opennet (FCon) in well over two years it has occurred to me that it would be a good idea to put together a brief walkthrough of the installation process. Because I’m a windows user and have never installed it on […]

How To Fix CamStudio Sound In Sony Vegas

I’ve had a problem many times when using CamStudio to make screen captures that when I load the resulting video clip into Sony Vegas that the sound is very low.  Usually too low to even hear.  Even doing the obvious and turning up the volume on the audio track doesn’t help. This tutorial shows how […]

Not Just Watching Tutorials Any More

In the last couple or three years I have spent a lot of time watching tutorials on YouTube.  So much so in fact that once my wife had the idea that I’d need eye cream for dark circles under my eyes from spending so much time watching them.  I have to admit that I have […]

How To Change The Home Page On Firefox

I was browsing through the search logs this morning and noticed that there were several searches with the query: “how to change home page on firefox” , “change firefox homepage” and a few others related so I thought I’d write up a quickie tutorial showing how to do it. It’s actually a simple task.  First […]

Deleting Cookies? Don’t Forget The SuperCookies!

By now I think that probably most people online these days knows about cookies.  That they’re little text files that allows a website to store up to 4k of information on your computer.  They allow websites to recognize you when you come back, remember your login information and preferences settings and so on. Cookies are […]