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E-21- Rescue Landing

The Kethane mapping of Duna is complete and now it’s time to land on the deposit closest to Jebediah.

E-20- Adventures In Fail

This video was a LONG time in the making and represents a lot of fail and frustration however I finally did manage to make forward progress.

Lots To Do Even Though I’m Sick

Somehow it just isn’t right.  I’m sick, have been sick for over two weeks now.  Yet does that get me a break? NO! Not only do I have work of my own to do, some of which includes deadlines, I also have the never ending flow of people asking me to do assorted little “favors” […]

Being Sick Sucks

It’s actually only been about two weeks or so but it feels like I’ve had this miserable cough / chest cold for half of forever. EVERY time I go to sleep (which is fairly often because I can’t seem to get enough rest) I wake up within an hour and a half or so, coughing […]

Screen Cleaning

I have been enjoying the new laptop a lot.  Not only is it so much more powerful than any other computer I have owned so far to date, I also love the fact that it’s portable.  That portability alone has saved me a lot of aggravation and allowed me to get some stuff done that […]