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Virtual Set Design

Something that I have always been only very marginally skilled at is graphics.  Specifically I’m talking about creating completely new graphics on the empty canvas of a program like paint or GIMP.  As a matter of fact, except for doing occasional touch ups and slight modifications of existing pictures, I’m downright terrible at it. That’s […]

One Goal Achieved!

Last week I achieved one of my goals and only now have had time to post about it.  Back on March 17, 2009 I created what has since become my main youtube channel TinFoilChefDotCom. At the start I was just doing cooking videos and not posting them very often at that.  Then in November of […]

Lighting, The Heart Of Chroma Key

Anyone that’s used the video editing tool called Chroma Key, the trick of making a color transparent so that you can have a picture or another video clip visible behind your actor(s), can tell you that THE single most important factor in using that effect is lighting. Oh, it’s possible to make it work (well, […]

The Sounds of Success

In my ongoing quest to become a youtube partner and reach the point where I am earning a livable income from my videos one of the things that has repeatedly been a source of untold headaches is sound.  I am especially talking about music in particular.  Sound effects can be troublesome at times but there […]

Transporter Accident

I was watching a video yesterday that included a unique kind of transporter accident in the story.  Two people were beamed up but before they could be rematerialized, the transporter circuits suffered severe damage.  When folks had the chance to do some repairs they tried rematerializing the patterns that were held in it’s buffer. Unfortunately, […]