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Still Dropping Hints On The Wish List

Yep. I’m still at it, dropping more hints via the wish list.  Now I *know* that it’s not like one of these continuing wish list additions are actually very likely to ever happen but I figure what the heck, I can still “Window shop” as it used to be called and who knows?  Anything is […]

The Movie Mogul

It occurred to me that a while back I started posting the videos from my “Talking to my many selves” series but I’d stopped on the second one so I thought that It would only make sense if I were to post the rest of them. This one came about when I realized that I […]

Yeah, I’m Wishing Again

I know, I was just writing about a good possibility for a laptop not long ago but this HP Pavilion Laptop is one of those that I find hard to resist just because of it’s hardware capabilities. What are they? There’s loads of features like: Intel Core i5-430M dual core processor It runs at 2.26GHz […]

Nagging Yourself

I know that everybody talks to themselves.  Not only that but most of us do it not because we’re nuts but because we’re just thinking out loud.  It’s a common enough way for people to work things out and solve problems or refine ideas.  It’s just that generally speaking, most of us do it alone […]

Why Video Can Take Forever To Render

In the last few months I’ve been making a lot more videos, most of which have been Vlogging on my TinFoilChefDotCom YouTube channel.  In fact, since I took a day off for Christmas, I have not gone a day without making and uploading at least one video.  I love doing it because there’s a level […]