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That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

The guys at Film Riot have some cause to celebrate today.  It seems that one of their videos has passed the three million view mark! Specifically, it’s the one titled “Learn FX Secrets From Exorcist and “From Hell” In which they show how to do a throat cutting effect that looks real enough that you’d […]

Lighting, The Heart Of Chroma Key

Anyone that’s used the video editing tool called Chroma Key, the trick of making a color transparent so that you can have a picture or another video clip visible behind your actor(s), can tell you that THE single most important factor in using that effect is lighting. Oh, it’s possible to make it work (well, […]

How To Gross Out Your Friends For Fun And Profit

Ever wanted to do something like come up with the best in the world way to gross out your sisters?  C’mon guys, admit it, grossing out your younger sisters is one of the finer things in life. In this video Backyard FX shows how to easily make passable blood, snot, puke & poop for use […]

Transporter Accident

I was watching a video yesterday that included a unique kind of transporter accident in the story.  Two people were beamed up but before they could be rematerialized, the transporter circuits suffered severe damage.  When folks had the chance to do some repairs they tried rematerializing the patterns that were held in it’s buffer. Unfortunately, […]

Trying To Learn Blender Fluid Animation

I’ve been trying to learn how to use Blender’s fluid animation capability in hopes that I can use it to create a passable “Kawoosh” with it. So far, it’s not looking good. [tags]blender, fluid, animated fluid, fluid animation, kawoosh, stargate, visual effect[/tags]