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So Many Useless Pages

Every once in a while I see a web page that is so incredibly useless that it makes me want to start reviewing websites and doing my best to warn people away from wasting their time with them.

While I have not yet decided to go ahead with this idea I am tempted more and more often to do so by some of the things I see on the web.  One good example of this is a site called truckstop that had, among many other useless things, a posting about a number of weird ipod stories.  Each ‘story’ was in fact nothing more than a one or two line blurb with the gist of the story in it, followed by a word or two on a separate line.

You can tell by the way it’s written and the placement of that word or two that it is supposed to be a link that leads to the full story that the blurb talked about.  However somebody was alseep at the switch when they wrote it because out of the dozen plus ‘stories’, not one of the things that should have been a link was one.

This is a good example of really sloppy writing.  The writing in the article itself wasn’t really bad but by not including links where they obviously should have been the reader is left feeling like they’ve been the victim of a bait and switch con.

They were promised weird stories about ipods and only got a bunch of blurbs that don’t link to details like they should have.

So how about it, should I start doing reviews of crap like this?

Been Wanting To See The “Raw” me?  Here It Is

It’s no secret that one of the things that I haven’t made a real big habit of is writing about myself and my life (sans the stuff that involves Nutjob Hills).

In fact more and more frequently both in comments on my youtube videos and in PM’s in various places I have been encouraged by quite the growing number of people to talk more about myself and my life.

Well, I’ve finally decided to start doing exactly that.  On another blog of mine, Tinfoil Chef I have created a new category called “Raw TFC”.  Posts written in that category will be exactly what people have been wanting… all about me, my life, problems, successes, failures and so on.

I’ve decided to make that blog the place I talk about all the assorted things going on in my life.  You’ll get to see what I think of things, people and events.  You’ll see some of the inside of various and sundry problems I’ve been trying desperately to deal with and so on.

Because I intend “Raw TFC” to be totally blunt and as bleeding edge raw as it gets it will not be for everyone.

I’m not going to be pulling any punches in “Raw TFC”.  You’ll get what I really think about stuff with no “nice filter” applied to any of it.  I don’t plan to go out of my way to be nasty but I’m not going to pretty any of it up either.  This means that there’s going to occasionally be language that “isn’t safe for young minds” and my opinions expressed there are going to be as blunt as they come.

I will NOT apologize for anything I write there.

Having been warned, feel free to drop by and see what’s really going on behind the scenes in the life of the Tinfoil Chef.

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Real Life Slows Things Down

so I’ve been trying to get some much needed re-writing and updating done on my Freenet page (  Things like bring instructions up to date, replace old screenshots on the Frost page with new ones taken from the current version of Frost…finish the new page for the Freesite Insertion Wizard and more.

The problem is that this imaginary thing called “real life” (imagine that) keeps interfering with my efforts to get things done.  As a result progress is slower than I would like.  However there has been some progress so keep an eye on those pages over this next week.  I am hoping to have most of those three pages done by then and get some work done on some more freenet stuff as well.

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Updating My Freenet Site – A Project Within A Project

Since I’ve gotten started working with the Freenet 0.5 source code and getting ready to create a new build of freenet 0.5 I’ve realized that it’s going to be necessary to do some serious updating to my freenet page.

After giving it a lot of thought I have decided that what I’m going to do is set up a WordPress blog on that site and take advantage of the fact that WordPress really is a great Content Management System.  One that allows content to be very easily organized and updated.

What I’ll do is start getting the initial content written and the layout and I’ll do the design of the blog done on a separate test blog.  When I have enough content ready I’ll install the blog, apply the customized theme and start loading the pre-written content into it.  This way I can have the new site almost totally made ahead of time and the changeover from the current freenet site to the new blog-based layout in no more than a few hours.

I will, of course, be announcing on this blog when the site update is ready.

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Freenet Downloads Updated

I have updated the freenet install archives on my freenet page.

This update included two things.

1, I updated the default bookmarks so that they now point to the current editions

2, I replaced the seednodes.ref file in each archive with a current one

I’m planning to do more updates on this page soon.

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