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It’s Really Tired Out

I’m tired.  Not just physically tired and in need of sleep to restore the body to fully waking status.  I’m talking about being mentally and emotionally tired. I’m talking about being exhausted from trying to come up with things to make my videos better and more engaging so that more people will watch them and […]

Time For Some Zombies!

For years now my favorite types of PC games has been First Person Shooter games such as the original DOOM and later DOOM II and of course, Quake and Quake 2.  My other favorite has always been combat flight simulators, especially those that put you in the pilot’s seat of modern fighters like the F-15, […]

Preparing To Survive The Deep Cold

I know I know, that title sounds melodramatic as all hell.  Then again, if you lived in my house, you might not think that it was *quite* as melodramatic as it sounds. You see, my house it heated with a furnace that is fueled by propane and these days the price of propane is *almost* […]

I *USED* To Love Mowing The Lawn

It’s true.  Once upon a time, some ten years ago, I absolutely loved taking a couple of hours every two weeks or so to mow the lawn.  Of course, at the time I had just gotten a new mower on sale which made the job pretty easy.  It started on the first or second pull, […]

Christmas Inspiration

I have, just in the last few minutes, had what I consider to be a genius inspiration concerning Christmas gifts.  You see, normally when people think of personalized christmas gifts they’re talking about extra fancy Christmas cards, monogrammed ties & coffee mugs and stuff like that. Well, it’s occurred to me that there are many […]