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Is there such a thing as a silent Keyboard?

If there is then I want it. Right now I’m using a large, heavy and
rather noisy old Compaq keyboard because the old one quit on me. It
wasn’t exactly silent, but it was a darn sight quieter than this thing
which clacks almost like an old Underwood manual typwriter (yes, I’ve
actually used one, in high school typing class)

I wouldn’t care about how much noise the keyboard makes, but this one
drives my wife nuts and that’s all I need to want to find something as
silent as possible in a windows 104 – 105 key PS-2 keyboard.

Introducing the wishlist

(This Wishlist category is exactly that, entries about things I’d like to have…)

The first entries are:

  1. A 1.2 Ghz AMD Sempron in a ‘Socket A’ or ‘Socket 462’ package
  2. Two 1 Gigabyte sticks of Ram – pc2100 (DDR266) or pc2700 (DDR333)
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