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I’m Overdue For A Backup Party

A “Backup Party” is what I call an event where I take a day or two, possibly even three, to get all of my important files backed up so that I don’t face the chance of losing them if something catastrophic were to happen. The problem is that it has been WAY too long since […]

Lighting, The Heart Of Chroma Key

Anyone that’s used the video editing tool called Chroma Key, the trick of making a color transparent so that you can have a picture or another video clip visible behind your actor(s), can tell you that THE single most important factor in using that effect is lighting. Oh, it’s possible to make it work (well, […]

Planning For Next Bug Season

Even though summer is officially over and the weather is beginning to turn toward the long awaited cooler days of Autumn there is still something of an insect problem going on.  Oh, it’s not anything like what it was two months ago but they’re still around even though it is in smaller numbers (finally!). Mostly […]

Slow Progress Needs To Go Faster

While my weight loss efforts have been yielding me some results, the progress has been painfully slow.  I started out at 353 pounds and I’m in the middle 330’s now.  I still feel like crap most of the time and I don’t have much endurance for physical activity. My diet plans (for lack of a […]

Christmas Gift Idea

It’s that time of year again.  Time to start getting serious about planning one’s Christmas shopping.  Even though I don’t have the resources right now to do anything about it I *have* been doing quite a bit of “window shopping” as it were, looking for that ideal gift idea and I in several cases I […]