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Sometimes The Best “New” Is Something Old

There is something that I think has been completely lost on the younger generation.  It’s the fact that just because something is new does not make it a better or even a good thing.  For example every once in a while I waste an hour or two of my time trying to convince people that […]

The Sounds of Success

In my ongoing quest to become a youtube partner and reach the point where I am earning a livable income from my videos one of the things that has repeatedly been a source of untold headaches is sound.  I am especially talking about music in particular.  Sound effects can be troublesome at times but there […]

Three Legs To Stand On

I remember that we had been wanting a camcorder for a long time when, in the summer of 2008, my wife found a good one on sale and jumped at the deal.  She also bought an extra memory card for it and most importantly, a tripod. That tripod has become quite an issue in the […]

Past Time For a New Camcorder

Now that I have finally gotten the laptop that I have needed for at least the last two years, I have been giving a lot of consideration to what I should do as the next logical step toward putting together the home production facility that I’ve been wanting.  Something that will be lightyears better than […]

Star Trek TOS Remastered!!

I can not believe that I have only just found out about this in the last few days!  I have been a fan of Star Trek since 1966 when I watched the original series on it’s first run and since then I have always made it a point to at least keep track of what’s […]