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It’s Really Tired Out

I’m tired.  Not just physically tired and in need of sleep to restore the body to fully waking status.  I’m talking about being mentally and emotionally tired. I’m talking about being exhausted from trying to come up with things to make my videos better and more engaging so that more people will watch them and […]


Ever notice how you can so easily get into habits regarding when you do things? For example in the early days of my youtube video making career I had a habit of making my videos early in the morning, usually before 11:00am and it worked great.  It meant that once that video was uploaded I […]

Who Smashed My Idea With A Writer’s Block?

Actually I should say “Ideas”, plural, because in the last three weeks or so I’ve had several ideas for videos that I thought were really good ones but I’ve been unable to write anything even remotely resembling an acceptable script for any of them. This means that these good ideas are sitting on a shelf […]

One Goal Achieved!

Last week I achieved one of my goals and only now have had time to post about it.  Back on March 17, 2009 I created what has since become my main youtube channel TinFoilChefDotCom. At the start I was just doing cooking videos and not posting them very often at that.  Then in November of […]

Introducing: Order

There’s been way too many times when I’ve had no idea what a video was going to be about until I finally sat down and hit Record on the camera.  Those days are DONE!!  It’s long past time I introduced some structure to my life and videos and it begins with this schedule. [tags]video schedule, […]