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I Exaggerate 1,000,000,000,000 Percent!

Ok I’ll admit it, I don’t always actually exaggerate things a trillion percent though some people might argue otherwise.

Honestly though, this WAS hard…and painful

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Going Nowhere

I’ve been going largely nowhere.  Last Thanksgiving I started trying to do something about my weight.  I had reached 350 pounds, had no energy, no endurance and generally felt like crap all of the time.

Since that time I have tried several diet plans and variations on exercise and I have gotten exactly nowhere in my efforts.  Oh I have changed my eating habits by quite a bit for the better.  I’m learning to find better foods with lower calorie counts on sale and load up on them when I do find ’em.  I also make it a point to get in some exercise time daily (in fact, that’s when I shoot the video for my Vlog, while I’m on the exercise bike).

Of course, that exercise bike is a joke.  It broke last winter and I’ve been using it anyway, even though the seat is gone, by sitting on a chair behind it.

It’s not much but at least it’s something.  What I really need to do is more walking.  The problem with that is that I’m not even ready to go walking around the block or anything like that.  Instead, I’m thinking more about something like this Bowflex Treadmill which would be great to replace the broken down treadmill that doesn’t work and is too flipping hard to move with it’s motor not running that I have now.

Then I could spend as much time on it at a time as I am able without having to be concerned about being too far from home when my endurance runs out and end up not being able to make it home without collapsing.  (that’s a real issue with me these days!)

That sounds a heck of a lot safer doesn’t it?

Now all I need to do is convince a rich person to buy it for me.

That’s gonna happen.  Isn’t it?

Yep.  Any second now.

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Another YouTube Clue

In my previous post about being popular on YouTube, I talked about learning by studying the most popular youtubers and how they do things.

The best way to know exactly which are the most popular is to look at this page that lists the channels that are the most subscribed of all time

Every channel on that page has at LEAST 600,000 subscribers and can therefore be considered a success.  By studying how these people do things a lot can be learned about being successful on youtube.

I’m determined that one day my channel is going to be listed on that page.

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Important To Weight Loss – Accountability

In my efforts to lose weight one of the biggest problems I’ve had is accountability.  Specifically the lack thereof.  Simply put, I’ve not really been accountable to anyone for sticking with the exercise and diet needed to lose that weight.

So, in spite of the fact that I look like I’m about to suddenly wish I had term life insurance because I’m *almost* ready to collapse and expire, I’ve decided that my vlog videos are going to be shot *while* I am doing some form of exercise or physical activity.  That way my subscribers will be able to call me on it if they notice that I’ve not posted a video that day showing me doing something.

Maybe it’s not the greatest solution but it’s better than how I was doing things before!

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Cool News!

As I’m sure some readers know, I have a YouTube channel called TinFoilChefDotCom where I’ve been doing a daily vlog.  Well, it appears that this channel is beginning to show signs of becoming popular.  Not only do I have over 300 subscribers with more nearly every day, my videos have been viewed over 60,000 times and while that’s nothing compared to the “A-List” YouTube personalities, it’s pretty farking cool for me.

Now somebody has taken it a step further and done something that nobody has ever done before.  They wrote a song about me!  The TinFoilChef song (embedded below) may never win a grammy but that’s ok.  I think it’s hilariously cool.

I’m just wondering if now that means I need to get a fresh insurance quote for a policy that will take into account my suddenly growing fame?  (Ok, this is the part where everybody tells me that I ain’t all that and while this is cool I am a long way from being a YouTube star.)

In any event, check out the video….

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