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I Exaggerate 1,000,000,000,000 Percent!

Ok I’ll admit it, I don’t always actually exaggerate things a trillion percent though some people might argue otherwise. Honestly though, this WAS hard…and painful [tags]nguchallenge, ngu, challenge, jestingjill, exercise, fail[/tags]

Going Nowhere

I’ve been going largely nowhere.  Last Thanksgiving I started trying to do something about my weight.  I had reached 350 pounds, had no energy, no endurance and generally felt like crap all of the time. Since that time I have tried several diet plans and variations on exercise and I have gotten exactly nowhere in […]

Another YouTube Clue

In my previous post about being popular on YouTube, I talked about learning by studying the most popular youtubers and how they do things. The best way to know exactly which are the most popular is to look at this page that lists the channels that are the most subscribed of all time Every channel […]

Important To Weight Loss – Accountability

In my efforts to lose weight one of the biggest problems I’ve had is accountability.  Specifically the lack thereof.  Simply put, I’ve not really been accountable to anyone for sticking with the exercise and diet needed to lose that weight. So, in spite of the fact that I look like I’m about to suddenly wish […]

Cool News!

As I’m sure some readers know, I have a YouTube channel called TinFoilChefDotCom where I’ve been doing a daily vlog.  Well, it appears that this channel is beginning to show signs of becoming popular.  Not only do I have over 300 subscribers with more nearly every day, my videos have been viewed over 60,000 times […]