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Another Cool Movie Trailer

Speaking of movie trailers.  Here’s one that I made the other day.  The story behind this is that late last December I got into a weight loss competition with a group of people on YouTube.  A few days ago I got into another one.  Then I had the inspiration to combine that with the fact […]

The Troll

The fifth installment in this series ended up being just a little bit more serious but I still had fun with it.  “The Troll” represents everything about ourselves that we don’t like.  In particular, he’s a serious obstacle to ANY form of improving ourselves.  Especially if it means dieting, exercise and losing weight. With this […]

Nagging Yourself

I know that everybody talks to themselves.  Not only that but most of us do it not because we’re nuts but because we’re just thinking out loud.  It’s a common enough way for people to work things out and solve problems or refine ideas.  It’s just that generally speaking, most of us do it alone […]

Talking To Yourself For Fun & Profit

Ok, I don’t suppose that anybody ever made a profit from talking to themselves, though I could be wrong, who knows? Anyway. I recently mentioned a series of videos that I have been doing that is basically a “what if” scenario in which the concept of talking to yourself becomes quite literal.  It’s a fun […]

Why Does Washington Think Deficit Spending Is A Good Idea?

I’d really like to know because if *I* try to “deficit spend”, I find that I can’t because I don’t have any credit (which I can’t help thinking is a good thing). Another good question is how is it that the government has enough credit to keep coming up with all this money for deficit […]