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Another Cool Movie Trailer

Speaking of movie trailers.  Here’s one that I made the other day.  The story behind this is that late last December I got into a weight loss competition with a group of people on YouTube.  A few days ago I got into another one.  Then I had the inspiration to combine that with the fact that I’ve been wanting to make an epic battle kind of movie trailer thing for a while.

I’m just hoping that “Mr. Helpful” doesn’t see this because if he does I’ll be in for another round of his coming up with his idea of the best diet supplements on the planet and trust me, you wouldn’t want to use most of his ideas.  I think that most of them work by making you so sick to your stomach that the mere thought of eating makes you hurl.

Edit: Sorry, but I ended up taking this video down because it had copyright issues because of the music and I don’t want that kind of problem on my main youtube channel because I hope to become a partner someday

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The Troll

The fifth installment in this series ended up being just a little bit more serious but I still had fun with it.  “The Troll” represents everything about ourselves that we don’t like.  In particular, he’s a serious obstacle to ANY form of improving ourselves.  Especially if it means dieting, exercise and losing weight.

With this episode, I got smarter and started putting the sketch at the beginning of the video.

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Nagging Yourself

I know that everybody talks to themselves.  Not only that but most of us do it not because we’re nuts but because we’re just thinking out loud.  It’s a common enough way for people to work things out and solve problems or refine ideas.  It’s just that generally speaking, most of us do it alone and don’t go telling people about it and if I was ever *really* going to suddenly be speaking to myself face to face like in some of my recent videos I hope that I’d have just signed up for a guarantee issue life insurance policy because something like that happening for real could shock the daylights right out of you.

I was doing something like that, brainstorming new ideas for what I was going to do in my vlog, Equals Pi when it occurred to me that it had been a while since I’d done a cooking video and that I really wanted to do another one.  It didn’t take too long for me to stop short and realize that I had been nagging myself!

A few seconds later, I had the idea to use this as another “talking to my self” video like the one that I’d done with the “genius”.  Something that I originally did because I wanted to use a video editing trick called “cloning” in something besides a test video that nobody would ever see.

Since then the whole idea has taken on a life of it’s own.

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Talking To Yourself For Fun & Profit

Ok, I don’t suppose that anybody ever made a profit from talking to themselves, though I could be wrong, who knows?

Anyway. I recently mentioned a series of videos that I have been doing that is basically a “what if” scenario in which the concept of talking to yourself becomes quite literal.  It’s a fun idea and I think there’s going to be a LOT more of these videos (and in the future they are going to be separate from the vlogs as opposed to being part of them.)

This is the first of these videos that I did.  The sketch itself was short but has launched something that is turning out to be far bigger than I originally thought.

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Why Does Washington Think Deficit Spending Is A Good Idea?

I’d really like to know because if *I* try to “deficit spend”, I find that I can’t because I don’t have any credit (which I can’t help thinking is a good thing).

Another good question is how is it that the government has enough credit to keep coming up with all this money for deficit spending when you know they’re never going to pay it all back?

And now, to top it all off, Obama has proposed a budget with a record breaking trillion and a half dollars in deficit spending!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:


And what’s more, I’m not going to stop saying it either because it keeps being true!

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