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What Are We Made Of?

That question isn’t about our physical makeup but rather our personalities.  What makes us who we are?  If you think about it, you’ll probably agree that there’s a LOT of different aspects to who we are.  Some of them are decent enough, others are downright cool, many are sorta in between because it depends on the situation that they’re facing as to how they’ll deal with it (if they do at all).

Then there’s the darker side of us.  One aspect of which I call “The Troll”.  He’s everything we don’t like about ourselves (and many other people too).  Selfish, hateful, angry, and determined to take over and crush what or who he doesn’t like and take whatever he wants.  He’s the guy that would light up a Dutch Master in an elevator simply because it was against the rules, daring somebody to do something about it.  He farts in public, preferably in close quarters where there’s lots of people or where there’s good acoustics that will make for a cool echo.  And he absolutely HATES diets, exercise and anything that resembles self control or self improvement.

Given that, I’ve started making a series of videos that explore these bits of who we are in the context of “what if you could talk to them face to face”

[Edit: 6/23/12 I’ve updated these videos to the remastered versions which are MUCH better quality than the originals]

There’s six videos in the series so far but I have to say that I’m having a lot of fun with The Troll.  Here’s the first video he appeared in:

I had so much fun with the first troll video that I just had to do another one. 

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Why Video Can Take Forever To Render

In the last few months I’ve been making a lot more videos, most of which have been Vlogging on my TinFoilChefDotCom YouTube channel.  In fact, since I took a day off for Christmas, I have not gone a day without making and uploading at least one video.  I love doing it because there’s a level of creative freedom that I have found to be unequaled in any other media.  Especially when you start taking visual and audio effects into account.

While most of these vlog videos have involved discussion of topics ranging from weight loss to Pat Robertson’s recent statements about Haiti, and the cooking videos where I’ll show how to make something.  Recently I’ve started doing a series of brief sketches called “Talking To My Many Selves” where I use a simple editing trick to put two versions of myself on screen at the same time and have a conversation with some aspect of who I am.

While they are actually pretty funny (ok, so I’m biased. check ’em out for yourself.), There is a downside in terms of making them.  Specifically, when I ask the editing software to do anything much more complicated than lining up a series of clips into a full video, it can drastically increase the amount of time it takes to process and render the final video.

PNY GeForce 9500GT video cardA big part of the secret here is in the video card.  My computer is several years old and is using an old RAGE 128 Pro with 32MB of video ram.  Back in the day that was a pretty hot video card, even allowing for the fact that by the time I finally found one on sale and added it to my system the thing was no longer being made.  It was still the best, fastest video card I’d ever had and it made a lot of things possible that I hadn’t been able to do before.

Now however things are different.  In making a video every single day I’m very aware of just how inadequate that old card is for the task I’m giving it.  Oh, it works, slowly.  A seven minute YouTube video can take anywhere from two to eight hours to render.

What I really need to do is get something like the PNY GeForce 9500GT.  This card’s got a full gigabyte of on-board video memory, a 550mhz clock and supports NVidea’s CUDA technology which from what I’ve read, seriously speeds up video processing.

I’m seriously thinking that I need to get down to business building a new system and use that card to handle the video.  Maybe then I can get a seven minute video to render in under two hours!

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YouTube Question

I’ve got a couple of questions for those readers who are more “in the know” and / or more experienced with YouTube than I am.

The first is: When is the best time of day to upload to get the best shot at the most exposure to people browsing through recent videos?

I haven’t exactly been lazy about this.  I’ve done quite a bit of searching through YouTube’s forums and help section, as well as quite a bit of Googling on the subject.  The problem is that even after I eliminate information that’s more than about six months old because it’s probably out of date, there are still so many conflicting opinions that it’s hard to figure out what really is the best time.

One says Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am to 1pm (without mentioning which time zone they’re talking about), another says just pick a routine that works for you and stick to it whatever it might be.  Still another says that the early evening (again without saying what time zone they’re talking about) from 6pm to 9pm.  And on and on…

I’ve tried several variations on this and so far it doesn’t look like much is going on.  The channels I’m talking about are my “Iamnotahamster” channel which is mostly commentary (sometimes political, sometimes just general) and humor that I’m trying to do at least one new episode a week.  The other is the “TinfoilChefDotCom” which is a vlog that’s mainly about my efforts to lose weight, food, recipes, reviews, tips and whatever else I feel like talking about at the time.

I’m giving the details of what the channels are about because I’m sure that each is best suited to it’s own type of audience and I’m sure that affects when the best uploading time would be.

Which brings me to the second question: “What is the best category to put something in to have the best shot at being seen by people who would be most likely to watch?”

People interested in a vlog about the adventures and trials of trying to lose weight would not necessarily be interested in the other channel’s video about Obamacare or the humorous bit about propane sucking penguins and the same goes the other way of course.

I’ve found that it’s really not so easy to figure out what the right category for something is because YouTube’s category list is pretty much a wide set of blanket categories.  Not only that but in watching the choices of the more successful vloggers doesn’t seem to shed any light on the matter because it looks like for the most part they just pick one almost at random for each upload.

The one thing that I’ve decided is that using one of those “get lots of views” services that guarantees (for a fee) that you’ll get x number of views in y days is crap because all that’s going to do is artificially make the view counter spin without any actual people who OMG! might actually decide to subscribe, rate, favorite, or comment.

So what’s your strategy?  Or for that matter, is the only real strategy to just keep plugging away at a regular pattern of uploading long enough for the right people to stumble onto them?

Let me know what you think.  I’m very interested in seeing what other people’s experience is.

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