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Check With Someone Who Knows

So Ralph has decided that he’s going to learn guitar.  That’s all well and good but there’s the problem of getting a good one to learn on.  He doesn’t know the first thing about buying musical instruments of any flavor.  He asked me but I probably know less about such things than Ralph does. The […]

E-013- Corrupted Save

I hate it when a save file is corrupted.  Especially when the most recent backup save is also equally corrupted and not able to be used.  Thus in this episode I find myself going back several saves.  This means some things got un-done.

E-012- Replacement Lander

The lander.  it’s trash.  I mean yeah Bill lived through the landing but obviously the machine will never fly again let alone get him back to Kerbin. This means a total re-design to hopefully come up with one that will get him home.

E-011- One Man Ship To Duna

Flying in a ship that was simply not intended to be used for this kind of mission, Bill is now heading for Duna.  I hope he packed a lunch or 400.