Senate Approves Patriot Act Renewal 89 – 10

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I cannot help but count this as a negative event. In spite of all that lawmakers think they have accomplished, this renewed Patriot Act is continuing to chip away at individual civil liberties and the right to privacy.

I believe The only way to deal with it is to repeal it completely. Then we need to pass a constitutional amendment to explicitly guarantee the right to privacy and firm up our weakening civil liberties. Check out The Missing Admendment to learn why we need an amendment to specifically cover this issue.

Senate Approves Patriot Act Renewal (AP) AP – The Senate on Thursday gave its blessing to the renewal of the USA Patriot Act after adding new privacy protections designed to strike a better balance between civil liberties and the government’s power to root out terrorists.

Miss. House Advances Bill to Ban Abortion

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Miss. House Advances Bill to Ban Abortion
JACKSON, Miss. — Gov. Haley Barbour said Wednesday he would probably sign a bill under consideration in the state House that would ban most abortions in Mississippi.

First there was the Bill in South Dakota, which it’s governor indicated he’ll probably sign. Now there’s another one in Mississipi and it too is likely to be signed if it passes. All we need is a few more of these and this thing is going to start a snowball effect going.

The long and short of it is more and more people are coming to realization that Abortion is a bad idea, specificaly it’s murder and should be permitted only under the most extreme circumstances. The fact that these laws have made it as far as they have clearly indicate the shift.

Ten years ago merely suggesting laws like this would have started people protesting in screaming fits in the street. Now not only have they been mentioned, but they’re actually getting passed. Thank God! There might be hope for us yet.

At the very least we are headed for a showdown in which the Supreme Court is going to have to revisit the Roe vs Wade desicion and quite possibly overturn it.

Senate Bill To Prohibit Extra Charges For Internet

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Ok, This one’s a no-Brainer. I strongly recommend that everyone run, not walk to get started making phone calls, writing letters and sending emails to their senators and urge them to support and pass this bill. ‘Net Nutrality’ is a majorly important concept and given some of the Money-Squeezing comments that some people have made, it’s time that ‘Net Nutrality’ and ‘equal access’ get protected by law.

Senate Bill To Prohibit Extra Charges For Internet
xoip writes “A report in the The New York Times states that ‘Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, will introduce new legislation today that would prohibit Internet network operators from charging companies for faster delivery of their content to consumers or favoring some content providers over others.'”

Kids Build Soybean Fueled Sports Car

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This is one of those stories that make me wonder just what the Auto industry has developed and simply put on a shelf someplace because they’re making more money by keeping things the way they are now for as long as they possibly can.

Kids Build Soybean Fueled Sports Car
Sterling D. Allan writes “High school students from West Philadelphia High School have designed a sports car that can go from zero to 60 in four seconds and get more than 50 miles to the gallon on soy bean oil. CBS News reports that this unlikely car was the star last week at the Philadelphia Auto Show. Once again, are we seeing the fabled instance of revolutionary technology coming not from the big corporations, but from some unlikely garage. Maybe these guys will open source their design.”

While it would be great if this design were released as open source or just plain public domain, I’m fairly certain that it will probably be bought up by an auto maker or an oil company (or any other company that has a vested interest in cars staying the same as they are because they make more money this way.) and then it’ll be put on a shelf someplace while the corporate entity in question spews a load about how many decades of research they’ll need to do in order to make the design available en-masse on the showroom floors of the world at prices Joe and Jane Average can afford.

Keyloggers – The next big thing in malware

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Cyberthieves Silently Copy Your Passwords as You Type
February 27, 2006 By TOM ZELLER Jr.
Most people who use e-mail now know enough to be on guard against “phishing” messages that pretend to be from a bank or business but are actually attempts to steal passwords and other personal information. But there is evidence that among global cybercriminals, phishing may already be passé.

In some countries, like Brazil, it has been eclipsed by an even more virulent form of electronic con – the use of keylogging programs that silently copy the keystrokes of computer users and send that information to the crooks. These programs are often hidden inside other software and then infect the machine, putting them in the category of malicious programs known as Trojan horses, or just Trojans.

here’s some good tips for securing your web browser

Some other tools that are free and very usefull at keeping your system clean of malware are:

Spybot – Search & Destroy
A freeware tool to locate and remove over 27,000 forms of malware…  tracking cookies, suspicious registry entries and bookmarks and more. 
Lavasoft Ad-aware SE Personal ( Ad-Aware SE Personal Download link)
Another excellent tool that can spot and remove a wide variety of malware. 
This tool is free for personal use and does a great job of finding and removing invalid or suspect registry entries to help keep the system running smoothly. It can also customize a lot of windows features. 
A-Squared Personal
A Malware scanner and remover specialized in Trojans, Dialers and Spyware. 

I find that it’s best to use all of these tools on a weekly basis. Each has their own methods and data files and often what one might miss will be caught by the other. It only takes about an hour or so per week to update and run each tool and it’s well worth the time.