E-006- One Small Step

The first of many small steps that I hope will end up with the conquest of the entire solar system

E-005- Adding Ferram

After reading more about it and giving it a bit of thought I’ve decided to add Ferram Aerospace Research mod to KSP for this season.  I do believe it’s already proven to be a good idea because of how this flight went.

E-004- More Trial More Error

I think I’m starting to get a handle on things here about how the latest changes affect things however I’m feeling kinda stubborn and I’m determined to make this ship work.

Little did I know …

Another silly Rumor

some rumors are almost believable.  Some rumors are totally outrageous.  This one is just plain silly.

The rumormonger in question has made the mistake in creating another “Bob Rumor”.  Those are so done it’s not even funny anymore.  Bob returned months ago and isn’t (never was actually as it turned out) gallivanting all over the place spending obscene amounts of money he couldn’t have had.

In any event, this rumormonger is insisting to anyone who will listen, that Bob is marrying the star of “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild”.  It claims that this “has to be true” because Bob has allegedly found a wedding dj while shopping for neckties in a New Jersey bar.

First up…. Bob doesn’t wear neckties.  Secondly, he doesn’t drink an so would never be in a bar, New Jersey or otherwise.

E-003- Well It Looked Good

I really did think that thing looked like it would work.  As you can tell it’s been quite a while since I’ve done the “early space program” part of KSP and I’m a bit rusty.  Some of the changes from 0.20.2 have something to do with that as well I think.

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