E-046- Progress With Several Flights

After what happened on the Moho mission, I have to say I’m relieved to see that the missions to Eve, Dres, Laythe and Duna are actually going pretty much as planned.

E-045- Houston We Have A Problem

The Moho mission has something of a problem

E-044- Moho And Duna Progress

The Moho and Duna ships both get closer to their destinations

E-043- More Departure Fun

More interplanetary launches. This time with better results.

True Or Not?

Still the rumor persists.  The one about yoga guy moving.  In the last few days the only things I’ve seen and heard about from the few reliable sources available don’t lend themselves to indicate one way or the other.

Until this morning.  This would be the second time in as many weeks that yoga guy was seen at the Nutjob Hills Diner (by me) having coffee with a well known local real estate agent going over what was obviously a real estate closing checklist, taking time to discuss various points.

Their meeting was concluded after about 45 minutes of this and him signing several legal documents and having the notary who was on break from the bank across the street put his stamp on them.

Still however there’s nothing conclusive.  yoga guy himself has said nothing to anybody about moving.

I just hope that for once rumors are true and he leaves soon.


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