E-041- Final Prep

Making the final preparations for six interplanetary launches

E-042- Departure Time

It’s time for the first two interplanetary kethane miners to be launched.  Things don’t go *quite* as expected.

So Much For Rumors

Yeah.  So there’s this rumor floating around that yoga guy is going to move.  Out of sheer morbid curiosity I checked it out and there were in fact some signs that he might in fact do this.

However today something happened to counter those signs.  A delivery truck pulled up to his house and the driver bought a box labeled “yamaha hs10w powered sub woofer” to his door.  That was bad enough (He’s got several already and they grind what’s left of my teeth when he uses them).  The driver went back to the truck to get another one . . . nineteen times.

I can’t help thinking that if he’s putting that much gear into his front yard setup (where else would he put it?) that he’s probably not going anywhere.

Why don’t I just ask him?  Because I don’t want to listen to him turn the thing into a 3 hour conversation / lecture about why it’s essential that he make as much ungodly noise as possible at four AM every morning while he does his exercises.

E-040- Getting Ready To Go Everywhere

As I mentioned before, I’m launching a fleet of the new fuel factory ships and sending them to every planet & moon in the Kerbal solar system.

E-039- Preparing The Factory

The first new kethane mining ship in orbit.  Now to get it ready for a trip to Duna.  Coming soon, a whole effing fleet of them, bound for every planet & moon in the Kerbal solar system.

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